Combat and Military ACTIVITIES

Get a group of friends together and get ready to go to war. Battle your friends on the field at paintball, airsoft or laser combat, or take them down on the water as you paddle to the beat of the dragon boat drum.

With so many advances in technology, combat games are becoming more and more like the real thing. The realistic battlegrounds and arenas can range from Call of Duty and Urban Warfare to Tank Convoy and Air Assault. So gear up, get ready and head down to your nearest battlefield.

Not sure where to start? Not a problem, we’ve pulled together some tips that will help you identify what activity will best suit you and your group.

  • How many people are taking part?

This will affect what type of activity you can do. Most military-style activities are best suited to groups and teams, but there are some skills-based ones, such as archery, that are perfect for individuals looking to try their hand at something new.

  • Do you want a realistic military/ combat situation or something a little different?

If you want to throw yourself into something that feels pretty real-life, then paintballing in a faux warzone could be the perfect solution. If you’re going down the fictional route then why not get your imagination going and sign your team up for a zombie apocalypse.

  • What’s the weather doing?

It’s worth taking the season, temperature and weather forecast into account when choosing your activity. Although combat typically makes you think of camo gear and running around the forest, there are plenty of indoor or outdoor activities, on land or on the water, and you’ll be able to find something for everyone.

  • Is there a range of athletic abilities within the group?

Many combat and military activities involve some degree of physical demand. It may be running, dodging fake bullets, climbing rocks or swimming back to shore. To get the most out of your day, make sure that either everyone is on the same level, or that the activity is tailored for the least athletic within the group. That way, no one will get left out or left behind.

So with these tips in mind, you’re ready to choose your activity. Already know what you want to do? Then skip to the bottom and find a location that suits you. If not, take a look below at some of our top picks for combat and military activities.


What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, choose your weapon and find your nearest battleground to book onto your activity of choice.

  • Go Solo

It can be hard to get a big group of people to agree on a certain date, location or activity. Or sometimes you just want to finesse your skills or try something new. Whatever the reason, there are activities that are perfectly suited to lone rangers.

Archery: Take aim, pull back and release! This one will have you feeling like you’re in 18th Century combat.

Axe Throwing: Pretend you’re in the Hunger Games, channel your inner Katniss Everdeen and see how far (and accurately) you can throw an axe.

Shooting Range: Learn the correct techniques and positions as you test your skill and concentration to hit the bullseye or take down static targets.

  • Team Time

If you are looking for a sense of comradery with your mates then look no further, as these activities will test your skills, expertise and relationships.

Laser combat: Teams shoot at each other’s wearable target belts using laser guns in the ultimate showdown. The best part is that there are a number of indoor and outdoor venues so this game can be played all year round.

Paintball: Similar to laser combat, this game can be played in indoor or outdoor arenas, and involves firing balls of paint and opposing teammates whilst ducking and diving for cover yourself.

Blindfold Driving: Do you trust your driving companion to get you around the course without crashing? Time to find out.

Special Forces Training: Find yourself in situations experienced by special military and police forces around the world, ranging from close-quarter combat, grenade throwing, or avoiding minefields.

  • Point and Shoot

What better way to feel like you’re in the military than to test your hand eye coordination and take aim with one of the following activities?

Crossbow: Similar in many ways to archery, this involves a bow mounted on a stock which shoots projectiles. This activity is a real test of concentration and precision if you want to hit the targets.

Clay Pigeon Shooting: See if you can hit a moving target from the ground using a shotgun. This can be a skills-building activity or turn it into a competition.


  • On Wheels

Don’t fancy running around all day? Got a mixture of ages and abilities that might be better suited to vehicle-based combat action? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Off Road Driving: Cross rivers, climb ravines and try not to take a tumble. Small groups negotiate extreme off-road terrain in a 4×4.

Tank Driving: After some basic tuition, you’re allowed to take to the track and see what driving a tank really feels like.

Tank Paintball: If you like tank driving and normal paintball, then this will give you the best of both worlds. Paintball guns are used to fire at players from the opposing team, while the cannons are used against opposing paintball tanks.

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