Review – Vandorm ‘Legend VII’ Track Pump

July 9, 2019

By Sam Bowell

As a fanatical mountain biker, the TOAD team thought I may be just the person to put the Legend through its paces and provide you with an impartial review, based upon real-world usage.

So here we are, a couple of months (and several deflated tyres!) later.

Whilst I’m not so sure that any pump can really afford the bold title of ‘Legend’, this particular model had the opportunity to achieve this status with its first task: getting a particularly troublesome tubeless tyre to re-seat and re-inflate, with some less-than-perfect tubeless tape and valves.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be the glorious entrance which I had all of my digits crossed for; the entire setup proving to be just too shady for the pump to handle (and eventually requiring a compressor to finally succeed).

It did still prove to be a worthwhile test however, and positively highlighted many of the LEGEND VII’s features:

  • The head locks on well to both Presta and Shraeder valves; requiring no readjustment mid-pump, as with sevreal of my other (often more expensive) pumps
  • The pump itself requires little effort to plunge or return and delivers a decent volume of air per-cycle.
  • Although not perfect, the analogue gauge is accurate enough for most circumstances, but could be a little bigger if I’m being picky.
  • All of the hoses and attachments are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance, (if required) and seem to be fairly interchangeable with other similar units if necessary – something I discovered whilst trying ANYTHING to inflate my reluctant tyre!)

Pretty positive then, and fairly impressive for a unit of this price!

I would suggest that it could stand a little taller to aid in its use, and the feet could be a touch wider for improved stability too.

It definitely isn’t much of a looker either, although this has absolutely no bearing on its function.

Since my initial experiment with the Legend, it has resided at my place of work – Rogate DH B1kepark – where it has subsequently provided many of our users with the ability to continue their day’s riding (or at least sped up the process of fixing a flat!).

Thus far it has been absolutely faultless in its performance and has held up well to heavy-handed adults and careless kids alike.

I have had no use for the included football needle and airbed valve, but can see no reason why they wouldn’t perform just as well as the rest of the unit and still appreciate their inclusion in an already bargain package.


An entirely functional and solid pump at an easily justifiable price!

It may not be the flashest unit out there, but for leaving in your shed or slinging in your boot, you’ll struggle to find fault.

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