BEST Action & Extreme Sports Videos To Take Your Breath Away

July 12, 2018

Now that Go-Pros and action cameras are such a big part of sports at all levels, it’s a daily occurrence to see the next big thing in extreme sports popping up in your Facebook news feed.

However, every now and then there’s a video that takes your breath away. A video you just can’t stop watching.

Maybe one insane move, maybe it’s a run with lots of parts, maybe it’s just taking the sport to the next level. All we know is they melt the internet!

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BASE Jump From MotoX Bike

Skip to 4.22 if you just want to watch Brad O’Neal go for it

Parkour in 8-bit…on a moving train!

Fantastic concept, fantastic execution.

Danny MacAskill’s The Ridge in his native Isle of Skye.

Showing off his skills on a full suspension bike miles away from the nearest concrete stairs!

BASE jumping…Angry Birds style!

Catapults being put to good use by the Flying Frenchies.

Dan Treadway’s 100-foot jump on a Snowmobile

That’s some ride!

Backyards Ski Project

Enjoy the sculpted ice landscapes of the Mont-Blanc mountains (France).

Walter’s run to the beach

That’s one excited pooch!

Wingsuit flight through 2m cave!

The late Uli Emanuele in the clip which made his name

Check-out more of Uli’s jumps here

Candide Thovex’s One Of Those Days 3

The third…and best…instalment in the trilogy!

Robbie Maddison Rides His Motorbike Off a Ski Jump

This  just goes on forever…

Jeb Corliss flying down a mountain…

One of the earliest and best examples of close-proximity flight!

Deep-sea BASE jumping!

Guillaume Nery launches into the darkness of Dean’s Blue Hole (Bahamas), a 663 feet sinkhole formed under the ocean floor.

Alex Hannold…Solo free-climbing legend

Without a doubt, Alex is taking climbing to the next level!

A truck jumping an F1 car!

The Lotus F1 Team wanted to do some PR. The result was impressive…

Rush Sturges and Ben Marr’s ditch kayaking

Check out the 800-metre descent at almost 45mph!

Dirt bike wave surfing

…riding the massive waves of Tahiti!

Felix Baumgartner Space Jump World Record

We couldn’t finish without a mention of the most ‘out there’ video we know!

We’re sure there’s more…and we’ll keep adding to the list.

Please share your comments and we’ll add your best suggestions!