BEST Skis for Your Ski Holiday in 2019-20 (July Update)

September 3, 2017
Our Pick for July 2019

The Head Supershape Magnum are fast, can handle short carves and long carves and also are at a great price.

Written by Ollie Denton

There are a lot of skis on the market for the 2018/19 season, but fear not! We have compiled a list of our favourite skis on the market right now.

Skiing is by far the top winter sport to take part in. Easy to learn, fun for all ages and you get to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world!

Great for family holidays, group holidays or even just you and a friend.

All skis have several main aspects that you will find on anything from beginner skis to world cup down hill race skis.

You will always have a tip and tail of the ski meaning the front and back of the ski, a base where you wax to improve efficiency as the ski cuts through the snow, edges that control the turn that the ski will make and finally some bindings that connect you to the ski.

All bindings use a quick release system where a certain amount of pressure is applied to the ski your boot will pop out of the bindings. This is done to reduce injury if you fall when skiing.

The binding will be set to your height, weight and skiing ability to that the ski binding will release if that certain amount of pressure is forced to the ski in a certain way. Basically if you fall over your bindings are set so your skis come off so that you don’t injure yourself.

Different skis are shaped differently for different conditions and abilities. There is more technology that goes into making a ski than you think. But to make it simple here are a list of skis that are suitable for every level of skier.

Beginner Skis

Beginner skis are the most basic of skis. They are designed to be the easiest skis to ski on so that when you learn to ski there is less chance of you falling over and more time on your feet shredding the slopes!

Fischer Cruzar Pulse

Our first pair of skis are the Fischer Cruzar Pulse. They are a great first pair of skis even though they are a season old now they are still one of the best beginner skis on the market.

Easy to use, great to ski on piste and at a really good price. You will be look for between £175 and £187 for a pair of these.

  • Cheap skis
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to ski
  • Light weight
  • You will be looking for a more progressive ski after a few seasons
  • Not the fastest pair of skis on the market

Volkl Yumi

The freeride Yumi ski from Volkl is a great ski for you ladies out there that have just started skiing or are looking for a ski to ski in all conditions.

This ski is perfect for all levels and abilities as you can always find a way to test your skills on them. They are easy to ski and come in at a fantastic price.

  • Awesome ski for your first set of skis
  • Great value for price
  • Brilliant for all abilities
  • If you are learning they can be heavy to carry

Intermediate Skis

Once you have had your first set of lessons and are progressing to a parallel ski level you will need to upgrade skis too. This will help you ski faster, control the ski better through the turn and also make it ski in parallel easier.

Parallel turns are the best way to progress, you will ski a lot fast and have a lot more control whilst skiing. You will be able to turn lower and sharper with so much more control.

Blizzard Quattro 8.0

The new Blizzard Quattro skis series has been designed combining four key engineering elements in order to achieve the perfect balance between STABILITY, PRECISION, CONTROL and AGILITY.

The wood core skis made with a new Blizzard Quattro concept. The Blizzard Quattro 8.0 TI is a smooth and stable carving ski for the strong intermediate to advanced skier.

The Quattro 8.0 Ti has a Suspension System that increases the amount of rebound the ski has and it will absorb vibrations from firm snow to deliver you a smooth and stable ride that is loaded with energy. Skis are with TCX 12 DEMO bindings.

  • Great to move onto a more dynamic ski
  • New technology for 2018
  • Great skis to learn how to carve
  • Price wise it is expensive but a great ski non the less
  • Design… well it looks a bit dull. Personally we like skis that stand out!

Advanced Skis

Now we are talking… Here are the skis you want to use if you are ready to tear up the mountain!

Advanced skiers tend not to have many more lessons unless you move into racing, off piste or freestyle. We are going to look at on piste skis first as they are the skis you will be using mostly if you are a regular skier each season that enjoys firm pistes and skiing fast and hard.

Head Supershape Magnum

The Head Supershape Magnum are one of our favourite sets of skis.

They are fast, can handle short carves and long carves and also are at a brilliant price. The Magnum falls into Head’s i.Supershape piste performance range.

The i.Supershape Magnum contains the full box of tricks from Head; K.E.R.S which collects energy whilst skiing across the piste and releases it as you exit your turns, and ERA 3.0, a combination of 10% tip rocker, 90% camber, Intelligence fibres and a reshaped ski profile.

For the Magnum, Head use their K.E.R.S technology, which is the same technology as used in Formula 1. The Head Magnum contains a chip in the tail of the ski which works closely with piezoelectric fibres.

As you ski the fibres collect all the kinetic energy from bumps and vibrations and store that energy in the chip. As you are exciting the turn the K.E.R.S chip releases that energy down the fibres which stiffens up the tail of the ski and gives you an extra boost out of the turn.

This technology really does work, you feel like you are hooked in and driving out of the turn into the next one. Head’s ERA 3.0S technology gives a perfect combination of Rocker, Radius and Rebound tailored to suit the i.Supershape geometry.

The Supershape with ERA 3.0 S is the combination of all-mountain carving, race technology and a gradient on turning mechanics and ski capabilities sure to impress skiers of all levels. 10% Rocker and 90% camber are combined with an additional layer of Intellifibers in the nose of the skis and a reshaped nose radius to give superb feel and control.

  • Fast, Fast, Fast
  • Can handle any turn you throw at them
  • Look amazing on the snow
  • You can ski most conditions in these
  • The most advanced skiers will get the most out of these skis
  • If you know how to really work your skis you will get a lot from these
  • If you are a beginner you will struggle to get the best out of the ski.

Atomic Redster Pro

Moving onto the Atomic Redster Pro’s… They really are fantastic… End of…

The skis are derived from Atomic’s pro line, but have been tweaked a little for people who love the high-level performance of a Redster, but who don’t want to rock the racing look on the piste all day.

  • One of our favorite looking skis on the market
  • Modeled on the pro version (race version)
  • Holds each turn all the way through
  • Great if you like to carve
  • There are not many…
  • Hard to ski if you are a beginner
  • Not good for anything but on piste conditions

Fischer RC4 World Cup Race Ski

The Fischer RC4 World Cup Race Ski is an absolute beast!

You will struggle to keep up unless you really know how to ski on them. If you are a racer or instructor level skier then these are the skis for you! Fast, furious and you will be leaving other skiers in your dust.

  • The fastest ski you will ever ski
  • You wont go back after carving on these. Best carving skis out there
  • Brilliant for your first race skis
  • They are race skis… Not as durable as other all round skis
  • Very quick so if you aren’t a top skier you will struggle
  • Takes some maintenance to keep in the best condtition

Black Crow Artis

These skis are our favorite powder skis of all time.

They will float you through chest deep powder and keep you throwing those big long turns through un touched deep snow. If you are considering some powder skis then these are the ones to go for. You can take on all depths of snow and still ski them on piste pretty well.

Add touring bindings and you have our ideal set up. Tour up at the crack of dawn and watch the sun rise from a snowy peak to then ski down in un touched powder snow. When sat on the lifts you wont be able to stop people staring at your feet because they have one of the coolest designs we have ever seen on a pair of skis. Just look at them!

  • Great for all powder conditions
  • Amazing for touring
  • Light weight
  • Durable and strong
  • They look amazing!
  • There are no cons…
  • They are 100% worth the price you pay for these

Dynastart Cham 97

The Cham 97 offers great performance both on piste and in powder, and can also be used with touring bindings tip and tail rocker makes this ski really easy to keep afloat in deeper softer snow but its manoeuvrability is also a big bonus with this ski.

The paulownia wood core is 25% lighter which means is easier to control and less tiring on your legs and of course makes carrying the skis a lot easier!

Powder Profile is a special geometry used for Off Piste skiing. It consist of a 5 point side cut to provide excellent grip on compact snow combined with excellent handling in powder, the long tip rocker allows very good float, while the slight tail rocker creates a ski that feels lively on any kind of terrain.

  • One of the best priced all mountain skis for women
  • Perfect for skiing any condition
  • Good for touring
  • Not the best ski for beginners
  • Good if you are advanced

Skis Amazon Best Sellers:

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