BEST Water Activity Experiences in the UK

December 4, 2016


Water activities come in many different forms, so whether you’re more into extreme sports and thrills, calm and relaxing breaks, or something in the middle, there is guaranteed to be something for you in the UK!


Here’s your guide to the best water activities around:


Have you ever wanted to run along the rocks, crags, and other features of the rugged coastlines in the UK? That’s what coasteering is all about and Wales is the perfect place to go for it.


The terrain is absolutely incredible and the diverse obstacles you’ll be conquering around the coast will give you the adventure of a lifetime. All this while facing a breathtaking ocean view!


Coasteering is a guided activity that’s usually done in groups for safety reasons. Don’t worry about slowing people down, the guides make sure to set a pace that everyone can follow without struggling too much.


Learn more about Coasteering



Despite being farther north, Shetland has rather mild weather. The waves, however, are not mild and can be known to pound the sides of the rocky Shetland coast quite hard.


When you’re kayaking around in the ocean, you’ll get a prime view of the incredible and complex sea caves and rock fixtures that have developed over the years from waves crashing against the rocks. You also have other options like self-guiding, kayak rental, etc.






Scapa Flow is a historic wreck site which ranks as one of the world’s top diving destinations. The location is an incredible diving zone because of the sunken wreckage of ships you’ll encounter.


During WWI, many junked ships were sunk in this spot to block access to the bay. These days you can dive around the ships and explore the remaining wreckage on the sea floor.


Marine life has taken over the area as well, so while you’re diving you can be prepared to see all kinds of fish and sea critters that have made their homes around. You can rent scuba equipment and catch a ride on a dive boat in Stromness and Kirkwell.



Learn more about Scapa Flow







Imagine sitting back and relaxing while drifting down a peaceful waterway in the interior of the UK. This is not a day trip, it might take you even a whole week to complete the Avon Ring, but it’s a wonderful adventure just waiting for you and your family or friends to enjoy together.


There are a lot of historic things to see along the way and places you can stop to take a break on dry land if you’d like. You can rent a canal boat for yourself and man all the required stations or hire staff members who know the boats to operate them for you during your trip.


Get more information at Valley Cruises





If you want a relaxing activity to enjoy alone or with a group, supping could be it! Or, if you want a thrilling day full of splashing, racing, and general excitement this could also for you! It all depends on what you want to do once you get your hands on your paddleboard!


SUP’s offer unique view of the water, a feel of the waves and movement underneath you, and a great workout for good measure. There are companies all over the UK, which offer stand-up paddle board lessons, rentals and sales.


Learn more about stand-up paddleboarding




Water activities are the perfect way to unwind and get some quality adventuring in before going back to your everyday life.


Do yourself a favor and get out on the water for the unique experiences that any of these top 5 water activities offers, right here in the UK! =)