Best Stag Activities for Under £50 Per Person

September 13, 2019

Whether you consider it an honour or a chore, you are now the chosen one to organise your best friend’s stag do!

Truth be told, that seldom proves easy to plan and organise, especially if you want to break free from the usual poorly-planned 24-hour boozy sessions and the constant efforts of humiliating the groom.

But a stag do is even more challenging.

The night (or weekend) has to be great, imaginative, fun-packed and, on top of all that, on a budget!

No need to panic, though. All you will need some inspiration to keep you on track.

We have picked out stag activities that guarantee laughs and memorable moments for all, while keeping the expenses below £50 per person.

  1. Escape Room

  • Rough price per-person (£): 17.00 – 30.00
  • Best for: Excitement & Adventure
  • Active rating (1-5): 3

Imagine yourselves locked in a room and the only way out goes through all sorts of cyphers and puzzles that test your wits and intelligence to the limit.

Escape Rooms are actually becoming more and more popular as a stag do activity, combining thrills, friendly competition and loads of teasing.

You and your friends will have to make the best of your general knowledge and combined logic to find clues and solve problems that will eventually allow you to escape a sealed room. If either you or most of your friends have some prior experience, make sure you pick an escape room that no one has tried before.

Options all across the UK are innumerable, so it won’t prove that hard.

  1. Off Road Rage Buggies

  • Rough price per-person (£): 50.00
  • Best for: Racing & Excitement
  • Active rating (1-5): 4

Mastering speeds of 60 mph, rage buggies add to the stag do those adrenaline rushes that will make it a truly unforgettable experience.

If you haven’t driven one before, think of a Mad Max-style race kart with a mighty 600cc engine designed to race through off-road muddy trucks, speed through sand-hills and snake around bumps and pits.

Stripped of anything that would shield you against the wind or dirt, but full of metal bars that guarantee your safety, rage buggies are fast, fun and bound to take your rallying to new heights.

  1. Paintball Battle

  • Rough price per-person (£): 10.00 – 22.00
  • Best for: Excitement & Adventure
  • Active rating (1-5): 5

Another trusty favourite for stags, paintball is a great pick for battle-enthusiasts and war-buffs.

Friendly competition, a touch of treachery and deceit, plenty of running and taking cover, all complete with fancy gear in a realistic battle environment!

You can make the groom your prime target, or boost the action with a delta-force version of the game, or by picking a more challenging battle-ground.

Certified fun, followed by a boozy peace-treaty.

  1. Airsoft

  • Rough price per-person (£): 30.00
  • Best for: Excitement & Adventure
  • Active rating (1-5): 5

If you and your friends love paintball but you would prefer something even more realistic, Airsoft is your best option.

Far more challenging, Airsoft battles always take place in dedicated venues, using weapons and gear that could easily pass as genuine weaponry to the untrained eye.

You could split up in two teams or even fight a crazy all-against-one and one-against-all battle and see who’s the fittest to survive. Just make sure the groom makes it to the wedding!

  1. Coasteering

  • Rough price per-person (£): 50.00
  • Best for: Adventure & Excitement
  • Active rating (1-5): 5

Coasteering is an amazing combination of cliff jumping, swimming, abseiling and climbing, all wrapped up in a stunning coastal landscape, allowing you to marvel at sights that are otherwise not accessible.

Requiring excellent physical condition and agility, coasteering can truly be a once in a lifetime experience, especially if you share it with your best friends.

  1. White Water Rafting

  • Rough price per-person (£): 40.00
  • Best for: Adventure
  • Active rating (1-5): 5

The ultimate test of fearless manhood before the wedding… taming a wild river! Board an inflatable raft and see if you can make it through the fierce rapids without capsising.

In fact, white water rafting can teach you a lot about what a successful marriage is all about.

  1. Battle Archery

  • Rough price per-person (£): 30.00
  • Best for: Excitement & Competition
  • Active rating (1-5): 4

Archery is noble and fun, but a lifeless target makes it a bit boring after a while; whereas a living one, one of your friends for example… keeps the thrill to its limits!

Besides, it is much less painful than paintball, and requires more strength and skill, as well as all your hunting instincts to wipe out all your friends one by one!

  1. Powerturns

  • Rough price per-person (£): 50.00
  • Best for: Racing
  • Active rating (1-5): 4

These 2-seated twin-engine buggies give the impression of a standard off-road vehicle… until you notice that they don’t have a steering wheel!

Instead, they are wholly controlled by two levers, powering independently each of the rear wheels; that means that you must have the skills and perception of a professional driver to manoeuvre it properly, especially on the muddy ground!

  1. Footgolf

  • Rough price per-person (£): 15.000 – 30.00
  • Best for: Relaxation & Competition
  • Active rating (1-5): 3

Footgolf is much more demanding than it seems, requiring excellent football technique and accuracy.

This hybrid novelty takes all its basic rules from golf, asking you to put the ball into each of the 9 or 18 holes with the fewer possible attempts. You can also spice it up a bit, by setting challenges, like playing with your weaker foot!

  1. Hovercraft Racing

  • Rough price per-person (£): 45.00 – 50.00
  • Best for: Racing
  • Active rating (1-5): 4

Hovercrafting is much more challenging than car racing, requiring top-notch driving skills.

Mastering powers of up to 50BHP and speeds of 40mph, but with their fan roaring just behind your head, they pump you up with excitement and make the race all the more interesting, especially when you have to avoid thick bushes, trees and bemired waters.

  1. Boat and River Cruiser Trip

  • Rough price per-person (£): 35.000
  • Best for: Relaxation
  • Active rating (1-5): 1

If you prefer something less strenuous, you should something try a boat and river cruiser trip.

You can even be the captain (with the help of a trained professional of course), picking the boat you like and inviting the whole gang for a serene weekend on-board a vessel with its own restaurant, stocked bar and even poker tables!

  1. Bubble Football

  • Rough price per-person (£): 27.00
  • Best for: Competition
  • Active rating (1-5): 4

You love football, but one or two of your mates are just so good that you know the result of the match as soon as they pick a team. Well, let’s make things a bit harder for them, shall we?

Bubble football will have you all playing footie while inside a giant bubble! Yes, each of you will have to wear a bubble suit, designed to make your movements as clumsy as possible.

Bubble football is such great fun and eliminates any advantages in physical condition and technique, making the match a genuine derby!

  1. Camping

  • Rough price per-person (£): 20.00
  • Best for: Adventure & Relaxation
  • Active rating (1-5): 3

Camping with your best friends is a great and economical stag do option.

Camping has gained popularity over the last years as a stag weekend activity, allowing you and your friends to spend time together out in the wild and embracing a true sense of freedom.

If just having drinks by the fire and remembering the old days isn’t enough for you, you can enrich the trip with all sorts of outdoor activities, like hiking, exploring, fishing, and kayaking.

  1. Scavenger and Treasure Hunts

  • Rough price per-person (£): 12.00 – 25.00
  • Best for: Adventure & Excitement
  • Active rating (1-5): 4

Scavenger and treasure hunts are just great for stags who love outdoor adventures.

Pairing you off in teams, the hunt requires you to work together and try to figure out a map of the treasure’s location and several baffling clues.

Coupling hiking with the thrills of an escape room, save the claustrophobic feel, an outdoor treasure hunt will bond you together and give you plenty of things to remember.

  1. Brewery Tours and Tastings

  • Rough price per-person (£): 15.00 – 35.00
  • Best for: Relaxation
  • Active rating (1-5): 1

You simply cannot think of a stag weekend without booze – but you could at least add a little spice and elegance to it.

For example, plan a tour across the breweries of your favourite brands of whiskies, stouts and beers, have fun along the road, learn all sorts of interesting things about the process – while savouring the goods of course!

  1. Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Rough price per-person (£): 40.00
  • Best for: Competition
  • Active rating (1-5): 3

You can’t find a more gentlemanly way to show your skill and compete with your friends than a clay pigeon shooting! Sure, there will be a few misses and laughs at the beginning, but that’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

Besides, a professional shooter will learn you the basics in no time, and as soon as you make your first hit, you’ll see why clay pigeon shooting has become so popular lately.

  1. Go Karting

  • Rough price per-person (£): 45.00
  • Best for: Excitement & Competition
  • Active rating (1-5): 3

Indoor go-karting is somehow more sophisticated than its outdoor version, with state-of-the-art facilities and challenging tracks that test your reflexes and, of course, your driving skill.

The fact that the race takes place indoor does not mean that the karts are in any way slower or less responsive. Catching speeds of up to 45mph, their race comes complete with computerised lap times and podium finishes.

  1. Extreme Adventure Activity Weekend

  • Rough price per-person (£): 45.00
  • Best for: Excitement & Competition
  • Active rating (1-5): 5

If you like the idea of an adrenaline-packed stag do, but you prefer making it a bit more… diverse, you could plan an extreme adventure activity weekend.

All you have to do is pick three or four different activities, maybe of escalating difficulty, such as an obstacle course, rafting, high ropes, archery, zip lines etc., and try them all out in a single day or weekend!

If you plan it carefully you can get great package deals for less than 50 pounds per person.

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