Life-Hacks Which May Save Your Life!

October 1, 2017

Outdoor adventures brings with them a unique set of challenges which aren’t experienced in every-day life. One wrong turn and you’ll need your wits about you to stay well and get home safely.

When in an emergency situation, items we take for granted can prove to be life-savers, thanks to these fantastic hacks, courtesy of Brightside.


To make a compass, put a leaf on water, and put a needle on the leaf.

Take a needle or a pin, and rub one end of it on your jeans or any other dense fabric. Put the needle on a leaf in water. The end that you rubbed will point to the north.


To start a fire quickly, put branches or coals into an empty egg carton.

Cartons light up quickly, and the temperature is high enough to light up coals or wet branches even in windy weather.


Use a shred of t-shirt material to filter water.

Put a container with dirty water on a raised surface and another one (empty) below and next to it. Then gravity will get to work over an hour or so.


Put grass and branches under your clothes.

This will help to protect you from hypothermia in a critical situation.


Scrape off a little bit of plastic from a pick, and light it to start a fire quickly.


Put ChapStick or Vasoline on a scratch.

Keep out infection using these common products.


Use a tampon to stop bleeding.

Obvious…I suppose.


Mosquitos, flies, and other insects don’t like the smell of burning herbs.

Throw a branch of thyme or some mint onto a fire for a bug-free evening!


Light up a wax crayon.

One wax crayon can burn for 30 minutes.


Use toothpaste on insect bites.

Toothpaste contains anti-inflammatory components that decrease swelling and reduces the itching.


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