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Soaring in a glider is flying in its most pure form, harnessing the energy of the air, ascending to high altitudes and flying great distances gracefully.

Gliding involves flying an un-powered aircraft known as a glider or sailplane which uses currents of rising air to remain airborne. Gliders allow the pilot to soar for hours on end, and travel hundreds of miles almost noiselessly.


  • Cheaper than powered flight
  • Challenging but particularly safe
  • Almost silent flight
  • Strong community spirit


  • Weather dependent
  • High ground work per flying-hour

Training & Qualifications

With over 80 clubs in the British Gliding Association (BGA) offering training, it is quite unique that Britain doesn’t have an official gliding license.

However pilots are awarded international certificates from the FIA which are accepted as the holder’s qualifications.


With equipment rental included in the cost of your training, there’s little you need to buy before you learn, other than some windproof clothing for the airfield.

As you progress you’ll likely want access to your own plane, which are often purchased in syndicates of 2, 3 or 4 pilots, which reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance.

Gliders can cost between £5,000-90,000.

All Gliding Providers

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Booker Gliding Club
Booker Gliding Centre Wycombe Air Park
Marlow, Buckinghamshire
DISTANCE: 30.16 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
London Gliding Club
London Gliding Club Tring Road
Dunstable, Bedfordshire
DISTANCE: 31.01 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Cambridge Gliding Centre
Gransden Lodge Airfield Longstowe Road Little Gransden
Sandy, Bedfordshire
DISTANCE: 45.30 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Lasham Gliding
Lasham Airfield
Alton, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 45.34 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Sackville Flying Club
Sackville Lodge Farm RISELEY
Bedford, Bedfordshire
DISTANCE: 54.14 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Vintage Plane Flight, Gliding, Microlighting, Flying Lesson...
The Gliding Centre
Husbands Bosworth Airfield
Lutterworth, Leicestershire
DISTANCE: 75.51 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding, Motor Gliding...
Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club
Crowland Airfield St Guthlacs Lodge Postland Road
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
DISTANCE: 83.04 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Bidford Gliding
Bidford Airfield Honeybourne Road Bidford on Avon Warks
Alcester, Warwickshire
DISTANCE: 85.94 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding, Motor Gliding...
Cotswold Gliding Club
Aston Down Airfield Cowcombe Lane Chalford
Stroud, Gloucestershire
DISTANCE: 87.24 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Bannerdown Gliding Club
Keevil Airfield Spiers Piece Steeple Ashton
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
DISTANCE: 87.34 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Flying Lesson, Gliding...
Buckminster Gliding Club
Buckminster Gliding Club Ltd. Saltby Airfield
Grantham, Lincolnshire
DISTANCE: 93.67 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Bristol and Gloucester Gliding Club
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
DISTANCE: 93.84 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Bath Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club
The Park Kingston Deverill
Warminster, Wiltshire
DISTANCE: 94.70 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Darlton Gliding Club
Tuxford Road Darlton
Newark, Nottinghamshire
DISTANCE: 123.94 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding...
Midland Gliding Club
Church Stretton Shropshire
Church Stretton, Shropshire
DISTANCE: 134.46 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Gliding, Motor Hang Gliding...

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