Best Reusable Water Bottles for the UK in 2019 (August Update)

November 10, 2018
Our Pick for August 2019

Grsta Sport Water Bottle

A dynamic design, with great features, well suited to an active adult.

Taking in enough water each day is important not just for those who work-out every day or have active hobbies; it’s also important for the everyday functions of your body, regardless of what your day looks like.

More and more people are realising this and have started drinking more water each day, making it a regular part of their commute, work day schedule, and days out having fun.

Reusable water bottles have become more popular than ever before, with many aware of the problems caused by single-use plastics. They are also very useful for a wide range of outdoor activities!

Top 3 Best-Sellers

Bestseller No. 1
king do way Insulated Stainless Steel Water...
729 Reviews
king do way Insulated Stainless Steel Water...
  • Click the color to choose your favourite one! Rose Gold, Black, Pink, Orange, Grey, White, Dary...
  • With 17 OZ / 500ml capacity, this water bottle height 10.23'' / 26cm, mouth diameter 1.4'' / 3.6cm ,...
  • Double wall technology and leak proof design, can keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 9...
SaleBestseller No. 2
POP Water Bottle Design | Keeps Cold 24hrs....
587 Reviews
POP Water Bottle Design | Keeps Cold 24hrs....
  • PERFECT HYDRATION COMPANION: POP Design insulated water bottles will keep you hydrated throughout...
  • ALWAYS THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE: Your POP Design water bottle will keep your cold drinks cool and your...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: POP Design 18/8 food grade stainless steel BPA free water bottles use our...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Sundried BPA Free Leakproof Outdoor, Sports,...
2,570 Reviews
Sundried BPA Free Leakproof Outdoor, Sports,...
  • Our BPA free Tritan polymer feels and tastes like glass while giving you the lightweight safety and...
  • The Sundried sports bottle with its silicone drinking area for a smooth, drip free drink. 100% leak...
  • Our bottles are made from 100% Toxin Free Tritan Co-polyester plastic that is safe to your body and...

POP Design Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

This is a straightforward, smart-looking, reliable choice with a bit of understated flair.

Key features:

  • Size: 500ml or 740 ml
  • Colour/Style: Silver, Black, Wood-grain

These stainless-steel vacuum-insulated water bottles by POP Design are a great place to start. More at home in a yoga studio or at the office than on a hike or mounted on a bicycle, these bottles are nonetheless pretty durable, with threaded, stainless steel caps and double-wall construction. The vacuum between the two walls acts as an insulator, helping to keep cold contents cold for up to 24 hours, and hot contents hot for up to 12 hours.

The bottles don’t collect condensation when carrying cold fluids (in other words, they don’t ‘sweat’), and the metal construction means they can put up with some accidental abuse.

The coating is designed to ensure a reliable grip, even when hands are a little sweaty, but they don’t suit gym use, or hiking. There is no carry strap of lanyard, so they would need to sit in a pocket or be carried in the palm of the hand – neither of which is ideal for moving around a lot while exercising. Some instances of faulty lids have also been reported, allowing leaks when the bottle is laid on its side. With no way to clip it into or hang it in an upright position, this danger is only increased.

The coating is supposed to be scratch-resistant, but the most common criticism of these finishes is that they get scratched easily. This is true of across the colour range. If that happens in everyday office use, rougher conditions are going to inflict significant and permanent damage to the finish.

Each bottle is BPA free, and the stainless-steel interiors will not change the taste, or take on flavours, from contents. Each bottle carries a 2-year warranty, and if you ever lose the cap a replacement will be sent to you quickly, free of charge (some terms and conditions apply).

Available in two sizes and three colours, this is a straightforward, smart-looking, reliable choice with a bit of understated flair. It looks at home in a variety of settings, but the functionality is best suited to the office or yoga studio.

What we liked
  • The quality of bottle construction
  • The style
  • The warranty
What we didn’t like
  • The screw top isn’t convenient
  • The cap can get lost
  • Coating tends to get scratched

720°DGREE Bottle “uberBottle”

This is a sporty-looking, reliable choice that feels great in the hand.

Key features:

  • Size: various sizes, from 1.5l to 350ml
  • Colour/Style: grey-black, red, purple, blue

The “uberBottle” by 720°DGREE, is designed for the user on the go. Pop it into the holder on your bike, over a nearby hook at the gym, or loop the strap over your wrist for easy access and a hands-free option when needed.

The lid guard pops open with a simple click, exposing the drink channel, and then easily snaps back into place to protect the top from dirt or contamination. This is great for use in the outdoors, as it keeps dirt and other contamination from making contact with the drinking spout.

The body is made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester, so it feels velvety to the touch and doesn’t change the taste of contents. Though reusable, it is also 100% recyclable, so if it is catastrophically damaged in a tent-peg installation accident, it still won’t add to the landfill.

The lid includes a filter to keep fruit or ice from coming through when you drink, and an air intake hole to ensure easier drinking. With so many components to it though, losing them during cleaning becomes a possibility.

It can be machine washed, but the manufacturer recommends hand washing for longer usable life of the product. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the bottle or components.

What we liked
  • The feel of the material
  • The wide choice of sizes
  • The 60-day warranty
What we didn’t like
  • Too many parts in the cap
  • The cap parts can get lost

Super Sparrow Sports Water Bottle

Looks good, works well, and comes in a wide range of colours.

Key features:

  • Size: 1l, 500ml, or 350 ml
  • Colour/Style: available in a wide range of colours

The Super Sparrow Sports Water Bottle is a BPA-free Tritan copolyester bottle, also with a 1-click lid guard to protect the drinking surface from contamination when camping or hiking. It comes with a carry strap and is easy to grip, so it works well in the gym or when walking.

The lid is less convenient to use when cycling though, so the added protection comes at a cost. This item is best washed by hand, rather than in a machine.

The bottle is impact resistant, and wears well. The lid includes an air intake hole for easy drinking (though tipping it up like you’re in a sports drink commercial will cause liquid to come out of the air hole, usually into the drinker’s nose). The manufacturer offers 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

The bottles look pretty good, come in a wide range of colours to suit your taste, and they hold up well to regular use.

What we liked
  • Good warranty
  • Durable
  • Great colours
What we didn’t like
  • Wheels could be sturdier

Balhvit Water Bottle

This is a high-quality, modern water bottle with sophisticated style.

Key features:

  • Size: 750ml, 500ml, or 350ml
  • Colour/Style: A wide variety of metallic colours

These stainless steel, vacuum-insulated water bottles by Balhvit, feature double-wall construction and a spill-proof cap. They are BPA-free, and won’t take on or change the flavours of the contents they store.

They do not include a lanyard or strap on the bottle itself, but each one does come with a sleeve that can be hung on a hook at the gym, or on a limb at the campsite. Still, the design screams ‘urban’ rather than ‘outdoorsy,’ and the durability is better suited to the office, the yoga studio, or the gym, than to anywhere that it might get bumped along during a hike, or sit on a rock in the wind.

The bottles keep liquids hot for up to ten hours, and keep liquids cold for up to twenty. The shell is impact-resistant so it may dent, but won’t shatter. The stainless and plastic cap creates a vacuum when tightened, to better maintain the temperature of the contents, and to prevent leakage. Be sure to leave a little room at the top though, or spillage will occur when the seal is broken for opening.

The powder-coated exterior is available in twelve metallic colours, and shows nicely against the brushed-chrome finish of the cap and base. If you want to make a statement of style at the gym or your next yoga class, this bottle fits the bill. Modern and minimalist, with just a hint of tech, it is an excellent choice for the urban warrior.

Each bottle comes with a cleaning brush, and a sleeve.

What we liked
  • The style
  • That it comes with a sleeve and a cleaning brush
What we didn’t like
  • The screw top occasionally has seal failures
  • The cap can get lost

Simple Modern Wave Camelbak Swell Flask Water Bottle

This is a straightforward, smart-looking, reliable choice with a bit of understated flair.

Key features:

  • Size: 1l, 750ml, 500ml, or 300ml.
  • Colour/Style: 37 prints and colours to choose from; stainless caps.

The Wave water bottle, by Simple Modern, features a vacuum-insulated, double-wall construction in BPO-free stainless steel with a copper coating on the inner wall of the vacuum chamber. Though it has the style and simplicity of bottles aimed at office use, the patterns give it a playful edge, making it seem at home in the gym, at a developed camping site, or in a caravan.

The bottle won’t sweat, keeps contents hot or cold, and will not take on or change the taste of its contents during use. The lid is stainless steel and plastic, and uses a vacuum seal to prevent leaks and maintain temperature for longer. Be careful not to over-tighten, and to leave a little room at the top to prevent spillage when the vacuum is released upon opening. Though the bottle itself is a good size for popping it into the bottle-holder on a bike, the lid makes it ill-suited to cycling.

It should be hand washed only, but care is easy and it does not show fingerprints during use, even if your hands are sweaty.

The wide variety of colours and prints ensure that customers can order a bottle that matches individual style. There is a 90-day warranty on manufacturer defects.

What we liked
  • The quality
  • The style choice
  • The copper coating for better temperature stability
What we didn’t like
  • The screw top isn’t convenient
  • The cap can get lost

Degbit Motivational Water Bottle

This is a sporty bottle, designed for function and motivation, more than style.

Key features:

  • Size: 900ml
  • Colour/Style: Clear with coloured cap (pink, black, green, purple, rose)

The Degbit Motivational Water Bottle is made of BPA-free Triton plastic. It’s shatter-proof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. It’s designed for gym use, but could function well for other light or indoor sport situations as well.

It includes markings on the side, meant to motivate the owner into drinking more regularly and refilling when done. A more experienced athlete will not need these, or perhaps tolerate them, but for the individual who is developing healthy habits along with a new workout regimen, they can be motivational and helpful.

It has a plastic arch on the cap and a loop just underneath it, for easy carrying or clipping to a lanyard or hook. Its wide mouth suits loading it with ice or fruit and makes for easy cleaning. The drinking channel is opened by pivoting the drinking feature using the thumb. Once finished, it is pivoted back into place, securing the seal over the head of the straw. It could be used on a bike, but is not ideal for it.

The pressure required to use the straw is adjustable to make drinking easy, and to avoid excess sounds from the seal. The straw is removable.

What we liked
  • The quality
  • The dependable cap and drinking feature
  • The loops for carrying
What we didn’t like
  • No cover for the mouth piece
  • Looks cheaper

Ion8 Leak Proof Slim Water Bottle

The best volume ad weight, but at the cost of extra effort.

Key features:

  • Size: 500ml
  • Colour/Style: Ten colours, strap matches canister.

This leak proof, slim water bottle by Ion8, is made of BPA-free Triton plastic.

The body has a no-slip surface for easy gripping even when hands are sweaty or conditions are wet. The cap system is a bit of a nuisance when cycling, but the carrying strap adds extra security and ease when walking or running with the bottle in hand, and can be used to hang it nearby when at the gym.

The lid cover pops open with one hand but is leak-proof when locked in place. The opening is free-flow, so there is no need to suck the water out when drinking. There have been some problems associated with losing the small rubber piece that prevents leakage. Once it’s gone the bottle will leak badly unless upright. If you’re not overly rough or careless with it, it will last well and do the job well.

Unlike many plastic cups, this one can withstand contents with temperatures as low as -10°C to as high as 96°C, which makes it useful for cold-weather camping, skiing, or other extreme-condition activities – cool down or heat up to suit the environment, and don’t worry about the bottle being able to handle it.

It adds no plastic taste to contents and is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

What we liked
  • The quality
  • The style
  • The drinking system
What we didn’t like
  • The strap isn’t removable
  • The air intake can leak if tipped too far

Grsta Sport Water Bottle

A dynamic design, with great features, well suited to an active adult.

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 54 x 35 x 19cm
  • Capacity: 42
  • Weight: 1.65kg

The Sport Water Bottle, by Grsta, is made of BPA-free Triton copolyester plastic and designed for outdoor fun and sports, though it can be used indoors as well, of course. The concave body shape and easy-grip coating make it easier to hold when on the move, even with wet hands or in the rain. The strap lets the user hang it on a nearby hook at the gym, on a tree branch, or around the wrist when out and about.

The bottle includes a filter/infuser insert, which prevents ice or bits of fruit from blocking liquid flow, and can hold fruit in the middle of flow to infuse it with flavour during drinking. There is also a silicone ring to ensure a proper seal between the lid and body. A simple flick of the thumb and it’s open; a little pressure and it clicks back into place. It’s easy enough that it can be used to protect the drinking spout while cycling, yet the lid is barely noticed.

As long as the drinking cap isn’t knocked open, the seal holds quite well and leakage isn’t a problem. For some though, this part is too tight and too much strength is required to open the seal. Not great for kids for this reason.

Another useful feature of these bottles is the measurement markers on the side. They are slightly inaccurate, but for keeping track of water intake they are fit for purpose.

What we liked
  • The quantity markers
  • The style
  • The infuser/filter
What we didn’t like
  • The flip lid is sometimes too tight

Polar Gear Tritan Bottle

This is a straightforward, smart-looking, reliable choice with a bit of understated flair.

Key features:

  • Size: 650ml
  • Colour/Style: Black, Turquoise, or Berry

The Polar Gear water bottle seems to be everything that a polar explorer would be looking for in equipment: simple and functional.

The lid screws on and has a flip-top drinking spout and removable straw. It doesn’t suit bike use, but is great for hanging on a hook at the gym for easy access. A handy loop extension makes it easier to carry or attach to a clip or lanyard, and also protects the spout from direct contact with other objects – though there is no cover to protect from contamination or dirt.

In some cases, the seals on the lid are faulty or shift out of place, and need to be fixed to prevent leaking. The loop is also quite brittle, with a tendency to crack and break if roughly handled, so it isn’t well-suited to the rougher demands of hiking and some camping.

Made of Triton copolyester, this bottle is BPA-free and does not take on or change the taste of its contents.

What we liked
  • The simple design
  • The flip top
What we didn’t like
  • Some issues with quality control
  • The straw seal shifts out of place

KING DO WAY Insulated Stainless Steel Water Vacuum Bottle Flask

This is a simple design, with a wide variety of prints and colours, and decent durability.

Key features:

  • Size: 500ml
  • Colour/Style: Many colours and patterns

This water bottle, by KING DO WAY, is made of stainless steel and insulated using double-wall, vacuum construction. It keeps contents hot for up to eighteen hours, or cold for up to nine.

Its design is simple and aimed at the urban user, with a basic bottle shape and a screw-on, stainless steel cap that seals using a vacuum system to keep temperatures stable and prevent leakage. It doesn’t suit biking, gym use, or camping, but looks great at the office or the yoga studio, and will ensure that your choice of hydration stays at the temperature you want it, for longer.

Each unit comes with a cleaning brush, which is very handy with a narrow-mouthed water bottle, even though this one is also dishwasher safe.

What we liked
  • The simplicity
  • The price
What we didn’t like
  • The screw top isn’t convenient
  • The cap can get lost

Sundried Water Bottle

This is a well-designed, affordable bottle that looks even better in person than in the picture.

Key features:

  • Size: 750ml
  • Colour/Style: Clear, red cap interior

This BPA-free Tritan copolyester water bottle, by Sundried, has a sleek, techie design that suits the gym or the office. It doesn’t have a strap or loop for hanging, but is the most reliable bottle for holding liquids without leakage – even when tipped on its side or inverted.

This bottle is made to feel like glass, but is durable against shattering. The drinking area is silicone, and produces a smooth, easy flow. Best of all, it is dishwasher safe.

What sets this bottle apart is the reliability of the silicone seal. The cap twists off – often with a squeak that is, unfortunately, the cost of the reliable seal – and then twists on again to keep the contents locked into the chanber.

This bottle best suits the office (but mind the squeak), the gym, or the yoga studio (again, that squeak), but is not suitable for cyclists or most outdoor activity enthusiasts.

What we liked
  • It doesn’t leak
  • Looks even better in person than in the picture
  • The price
What we didn’t like
  • The screw top isn’t convenient
  • The seal squeaks when being opened or closed

Sistema Twist ‘n’ Sip Water Bottle

This is an inexpensive but functional bottle. The style is a bit unsophisticated, but it does the job it’s meant to do, and does it well.

Key features:

  • Size: 460ml
  • Colour/Style: Variety of colours

The Twist ‘n’ Sip, by Sistema, is a very low-cost, BPA-free water bottle, and comes in at a mere £2.50. It isn’t designed with a particular sport or activity in mind, so there are no loops or straps to help keep it handy or out of the way. It functions very much like a regular, disposable bottle, except that it can be reused.

The body is concave and has ridges to help you grip it easily. The lid is a simple screw-on design, with a drinking spout that opens and closes with a simple twist of the section below it. There is nothing to protect the spout from dirt and contamination.

The lid doesn’t leak, the bottle can be dropped without damage in most cases, and as there are no fancy finishes, it looks much the same a month after purchase as it does when new.

It’s not a fashion statement, and you won’t have friends at yoga ask you where you found it – but your bag will be dry and your body hydrated. Isn’t that the point of it in the first place?

It won’t last as long as more expensive bottles, but at £2.50 a bottle, we wouldn’t expect it to. Using a reusable will reduce the number of plastic bottles in the landfills, and this is no exception – even if you throw one of these ones in the recycling bin every few weeks or months.

What we liked
  • The quality
  • It doesn’t leak
  • The price
What we didn’t like
  • The lid needs to be disassembled for cleaning (easy, but inconvenient)
  • The style is a bit juvenile

What to look for in a Reusable Water Bottle

Let’s look at some of the key features that are important to consider when choosing a reusable water bottle.

Reliability (No Leakage)

This one is obvious: there’s no point in carrying something that’s going to dribble water into your bag, or onto your clothing. The body of most bottles is fine, but the problems occur in one of two areas.

The first is the seal around the base of the cap. This must be tight enough to create a reliable seal, reliable enough not to come loose, and must not have little ridges of cavities that hold water left over from washing or filling that will later dribble out.

The second is the drinking device. Some use suction to allow you to break the seal to drink, and then clamp shut. Others pop up, or out, to open a drinking channel. Some have a lid that slides over the top, crimping a flexible straw. Other are simple screw-top lids with no special drinking device. Which one is right for you depends on how you use it, and on your personal preference.


Some water bottles will shatter if dropped on a hard surface. Others lose their beauty as designs wear off during regular use. Others fail at the drinking feature, and still others warp or change shape in the dishwasher.

Durability makes the difference between a bottle lasting a few days, to one lasting months or more. When we consider the cost spread over the days of use, some of the more expensive products start to show a lot more value overall.


Do you need a quick-access drink feature? Do you need a strap or carrying device? Does it need to work with hot liquids as well as cold? All of these are questions that affect which product best serves your use of it.


We all know the feeling of owning something that’s perfectly functional, but we never use or wear it because the style doesn’t suit us. What you carry in your hands is as much a part of your look as anything else – just consider the impact of the right handbag or watch. Water bottles are no different, so we’ll consider the style and design of these bottles too. We’ll have you looking smart, and feeling great.

Reusable Water Bottles Reviewed

Water Bottle by POP Design | Keeps Cold...
POP Design - Misc.
£19.99 - £6.00 £13.99
720°DGREE “uberBottle” | Leakproof Water...
720°DGREE - Misc.
£19.97 - £6.00 £13.97
Super Sparrow Sports Water Bottle - 17oz &...
Super Sparrow - Misc.
£17.49 - £3.54 £13.95
Balhvit Sports and Outdoor VIWB-RG, Rose...
Balhvit - Sports
from £8.99
Simple Modern 500 ml Wave Water Bottle -...
Simple Modern - Misc.
£15.15 - £4.84 from £10.31
Ion8 Leak Proof Slim Water Bottle, Frosted...
ion8 - Sports
£9.99 - £1.00 £8.99
Grsta Sport Water Bottle 20oz-600ml, Leak...
Grsta - Misc.
£17.78 - £8.01 £9.77
Polar Gear Tritan Bottle 650ml, Aqua Grip...
DNC UK LTD - Kitchen & Home
£7.99 - £1.00 £6.99
KING DO WAY Insulated Stainless Steel Water...
KING DO WAY - Sports
£16.63 - £8.48 £8.15
Sundried BPA Free Leakproof Outdoor, Sports,...
Sundried - Home
£10.00 - £4.25 £5.75
Sistema Twist 'n' Sip BPA Free Water Bottle,...
Dexam Sistema - Kitchen & Home
£2.79 - £0.29 £2.50

If you look after your water bottle, if you want it you will last you many seasons and thousands of miles, it’s a good idea to invest in a decent one!

Before you go, why not check out the Amazon best sellers for re-usable water bottles.

Re-usable Water Bottles – Amazon BEST Sellers

Bestseller No. 1
SHO Bottle - Ultimate Insulated, Double...
2,669 Reviews
SHO Bottle - Ultimate Insulated, Double...
  • ICE COLD OR PIPING HOT, YOUR CHOICE - This elegant companion is guaranteed to keep your drink HOT...
  • STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD - We all like to be unique and this beautifully colourful water bottle...
  • THE PERFECT DRINK IN EVERY SCENARIO - This wildly popular bottle can be used at home, work, at the...
Bestseller No. 2
Ion8 Leak Proof Slim Water Bottle, BPA Free,...
1,118 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 3
Science in Sport Clear Drinks Bottle, 800 ml
483 Reviews
Science in Sport Clear Drinks Bottle, 800 ml
  • Sport drinks bottle wide mouth on basis easy mix principle
  • The SiS Easy pour the powder straight into your drinks bottle
  • No required scoops
SaleBestseller No. 4
Sistema Hydrate Twist and Sip Water Bottle
1,576 Reviews
Sistema Hydrate Twist and Sip Water Bottle
  • BPA and Phthalate free bottle for school, sports and on the go
  • Twist n sip lid provides a more hygienic way to drink
  • Sculptured easy grip shape
SaleBestseller No. 5
Mango Sports Water Bottle With Straw...
949 Reviews
Mango Sports Water Bottle With Straw...
  • EVERYDAY I'M GUZZLIN': Do you keep forgetting to drink water? Get the motivational 1litre Mango...
  • DESIGNED TO BE PRACTICAL: The 900ml sports water bottle has a large screw cap and a wide mouth so...
  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Here at Mango we wanted to make sure that the reusable water bottle is...


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