Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Camera During Outdoor Activities

November 23, 2018

Planning the next outdoor adventure is a good time to assess your photography equipment.

Accidents can happen at any time, especially outdoors; and whilst fully protecting a camera may never be possible, a few tips are recommended to keep it in good condition as long as possible.

Avoid liquids

Liquids are one of the most common camera enemies. Outdoor enthusiasts know that liquids can irremediably damage certain cameras.

Whether facing rain while hiking, facing water while rafting or simply ensuring the camera is not affected by snow, all outdoor fans need to keep the camera gear dry.

Action cameras can benefit from accessories such as the Insta360 Waterproof Case. Such a protective case is even recommended for nautical activities. But many outdoor fans want to capture the highest quality pictures on their adventures. For this purpose, a DSLR camera is hard to match.

However, a simple protective product such as the Generic Large Neoprene DSLR Case does a good job. The case offers protection against rain, even if many DSLR cameras offer weather sealing. It can also protect the camera against scratches.

Stay clear of dirt and sand

Most outdoor activities can come with dirt, dust or sand damage to the camera. The best way to keep the sensor clean and protect it against fine dust and sand particles is simply by avoiding taking pictures on windy days or leaving your camera directly on the ground.

Those who shoot cameras with interchangeable lenses are also advised not to change camera lenses on windy days, where even small dust particles can reach the camera sensor.

Outdoor activity camera

Use a dedicated camera bag

All serious outdoor enthusiasts have a backpack for their personal belongings and a dedicated camera bag for the photography equipment. Having a dedicated bag can protect the camera body and the lenses.

Protective gear bags can also be found for action cameras, which are smaller by nature. Crumpler makes some of the most recognised camera bags for DSLRs.

The Proper Road 2.0 bag is recommended as a minimalist design for the outdoor explorer. The National Geographic Mediterranean backpack is recommended for other camera accessories as well.

Consider quality neck straps

Many photographers know that standard camera straps might not be designed for outdoor fans. It is why there is an endless selection of quality replacement camera straps. But apart from keeping the camera safe at all times, it also gives the hands total freedom, which is essential in many scenarios such as hiking or canoeing.

The Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap is an example of a minimalist strap which ensures the camera will not hit the ground while also allowing the hands to be free for various outdoor activities such as tree climbing or underground exploration.

Outdoor selfie

Protect the LCD screen

The LCD screen of the camera is often a magnet for scratches or oils from the skin. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth to wipe the LCD or the lenses of the camera from time to time. Since a camera easily gets dirty while out in nature, a microfiber cloth should be carried at all times in the camera bag. So the next time when out climbing or skateboarding a microfiber cloth can be used to keep the LCD screen clean and the images it displays properly visible.

Consider filters to protect lenses

Lenses can be more expensive than cameras. For this reason, it is recommended to first invest in quality optics. However, even the most expensive lenses are not going to go far if not properly taken care of. With the windy conditions of the South coast and the rainy days in the North, it is required to take action to keep the lenses in good condition.

Filters might be used for various effects, but they can also come with a protective role for the lenses as they can be the first line of defense against scratches. A Hoya filter can be a popular option for most quality lenses.

You can claim a Toby Deals discount code at for the best deals on Hoya filters and various other discounts for cameras and accessories. So the next time you choose a beach day or bushcraft activities, you can rest assured knowing your lenses are protected.

Outdoor camera

Get outside and start making memories

Going outside is one of the proven ways to have fun and enjoy new experiences. Many of these outdoor experiences are captured in pictures and videos. Whether it is a flying lesson, geocaching or mountain biking, a camera can capture the highlights of these activities.

Keeping the camera in a good condition is essential as it goes through changing environments, weather conditions, temperatures and types of activities. Applying the tips above is the first step towards happy outdoor enthusiasts with cameras which are always ready to capture that special moment.