7 BEST Surfing Spots in the World

June 13, 2017

Being a surfer in the UK is a blessing with Cornwall boasting beautiful shores and playful waves, ideal for surfing.

Yet, surfers know that the sport’s culture is interwoven with travelling, getting to know fellow surfers and enjoying the beauty of nature together.

In this post we will share with you the best places for surfing all around the world, each offering a special place in surfers’ hearts!


‘Banzai Pipeline’ or ‘Pipe’ Reefs

Not starting our list with Hawaii would be sacrilege!

The famous giant waves of Pipeline are a spectacle of wild and rare beauty. The numerous cave pockets of the reefs have proven to be fatal too often, but we can’t ignore the fact that riding one of these blue tornadoes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Strictly not for beginners, yet a must-see spectacle for everyone.

Banzai Hawaii

Crowds watching the Banzaii riders

Find the spot

The Honolulu airport is in the south part of Oahu. The reef is located in the North Coast, 30 miles away from the airport. Signs will not help you a lot, so once you get there, look for the Sunset Beach Elementary School to find it.

For your stay, have in mind that Hawaii’s peak season happens to be the season with the highest waves -no wonder why – so be prepared to pay good money for your stay.

It is worth every penny!

Beautiful Banzai waves

Beautiful Banzai waves

California, USA

The ‘Queen of the Coast’ Rincon Point

Its nickname says it all.

This coast bears some of the biggest waves in all the world, and it has bred world champions such as Tom Curren.

“Rincon” is a Spanish word that means “corner,” and that is exactly what this spot is like. Tucked between Carpinteria and La Conchita beaches, the Rincon Point is located at the border of two counties: Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Rincon is divided up into three breaks: the Cove, Rivermouth, and Indicators; each offering something different for riders.

Rincon - The Queen of the Coast

Rincon – The Queen of the Coast

Find the spot

Rincon surf spot is only 25 minutes away from the Santa Barbara Airport. Once you land, take the 101 Highway in Goleta and drive until the 83 exit. There you have high chances of meeting a big crowd of surfers, inviting you with their screams of enthusiasm to the beach.

Rincon is surrounded by motels, hotels and hostels; offering something for all budgets.

South Africa

J’ Bay

In Jeffrey’s Bay, you can find the world renowned waves offering the longest right-hand break.

The best waves are born during the autumn/winter and early spring.

The beautiful views at Jeffrey's Bay

The beautiful views at Jeffrey’s Bay

The bay’s perfect location helped the little fishing town to evolve fast into a vibrant urban area, offering a variety of attractions and events to tourists. If you decide to try your skills here, don’t forget your wetsuit and keep in mind that sharks are a frequent sight!

If you decide to try your skills here, don’t forget your wetsuit and keep in mind that sharks are frequent visitors!

Find the spot

Less than an hour away from J’ Bay lies the Port Elizabeth’s airport if you choose to travel by connective flights. The alternative is Cape Town’s International Airport that is 750 miles away from the bay.

San Clemente, California, USA


A cluster of surfing spots, named after a bridge that must be crossed to get to the beach.

There are four Trestles: The Upper Trestle or ‘Uppers’ the Lower Trestle or ‘Lowers’ and the Middle Trestle or ‘Middles’.

It’s a fantastic location with something to suit all levels of ability.

The Northern part of the Uppers is called ‘Cotton’ and it is ideal for beginners, whereas the toughest waves are formed in the Lower area.

San Clamente

San Clamente

Find the spot

The closest airport to Trestles is the Oceanside Municipality Airport. From there, it is an easy 25 minutes’ drive. Since there are no signs guiding you to the beach, pay attention to the surfers’ marks.

Once you get to the crossroad of Cristianitos Rd and SanDiego Freeway, look for graffiti such as “you are going the wrong way” and “surf hard!” Somewhere near you will find a trail that will lead you to the beach.


Anchor Point

Another famous corner, known for its righthand waves, this time in Africa.

Anchor Point is located north of the small village Taghazout in Morocco. Again, the best time to surf is from September until April, when Anchor Point attracts the best of the best.

This spot is perfect for those with a traveller’s soul, who love cultural diversity and prefer simple accommodation to luxury.

Sunset at Anchor Point

Sunset at Anchor Point

Find the spot

All you need is a 35-minute drive from the Agadir Airport. Once you land, take the Avenue President Kennedy that leads to the N1 Route. Follow this route up to the Anchor Point.

Queensland, Australia

Snapper Rocks

Stretches of white sand, breathtaking sunsets, and gigantic barrel waves – a short description of a surfer’s paradise!

If you happen to visit or if you are planning to visit Australia, don’t miss it!

The beautiful, clean beaches that surround the rocky snapper area are ideal for families with children. Even if you don’t surf, the World Surfing Tour that happens in March is an event worth catching.

Don’t forget your camera – you need some shots of this hidden paradise!

The Swell at Snapper Rocks

The Swell at Snapper Rocks

Find the spot

This cool place is located near Coolangatta in Queensland, just 14 minutes away from the Gold Coast Airport.


Cloudbreak & Restaurants

Our list started and will end with an island.

Cloudbreak in Fiji is listed in the top 10 of the most challenging waves. Every winter, when the waves reach their peak in height, the reef attracts the surfing elite.

Even if you’re not up to surfing it, it’s equally as thrilling to watch from the boat and see others attempt it.

On the other hand, Restaurants offer lower in height waves than Cloudbreak but has gained fame for its perfect shaped, long waves. Some surfers prefer Restaurants to Cloudbreak, depending on their surfing style and experience.

Cloudbreaks in Fiji

Cloudbreaks in Fiji

Find the spot:

Both Cloudbreak and Restaurants are in Namotu, Fiji’s water resort.

Cloudbreak is located on a sheltered reef, about three miles straight south of Namotu Island. You need to take the shuttle bus for Namotu from the airport, and then a boat to reach the small isle. This trip is one-hour long.


There are some fantastic surfing locations around the world and if you’re lucky enough to experience even a few of them, you’re doing well!

But don’t forget that we have some of the best right locations here in the UK…so whatever your level, why not get involved this summer at one of the many training centres, and take your wave riding to the next level!


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