Best Camping Accessories & Gadgets for the UK 2019 (August Update)

July 14, 2018
Our Pick for August 2019

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

Romantic fire, necessary warmth, cooking and energy autonomy; anything else?

These days, setting out for a camping adventure doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself a bit of home comfort.

You can make sure your stay as comfortable, safe and trouble-free as you want; and there plenty of camping gadgets out there to help you out!

From clever washing bags to life-saving water filters, imaginative solutions to age-old problems are being released all the time; making camping with friends, family, or just yourself…that bit easier.

For more adventurous breaks and wild-camping, some gadgets could even help you out of a sticky – or even dangerous – situation.

Whether gadgets make camping breaks more comfortable, or adventurous breaks safer; there’s a lot to be said for checking what’s new…and deciding whether it’s right for you.

Top 3 Best-Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Aitsite Camping Cookware Kit Outdoor Aluminum...
30 Reviews
Aitsite Camping Cookware Kit Outdoor Aluminum...
  • [Aluminum Camping Cookware] - Pan and pot are made of high-quality Anodized Aluminum, bowl and...
  • [Non - Stick & Foldable Design] - Made of safe and non-toxic hard-anodized aluminium, lightweight...
  • [Heat-resistant Handles] - Thermally insulated plastic handles to keep your fingers safe from the...
SaleBestseller No. 2
PEMOTech Tent LED Light 3Pack, Camping Light...
106 Reviews
PEMOTech Tent LED Light 3Pack, Camping Light...
  • 【 THREE SWITCH MODE 】: 3 Modes (Full Light/Half Light/Flashing Light).You can select your...
  • 【 HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】: Made of green plastic ABS, Environmental Protection, water resistant...
  • 【 SPECIFIC DESIGN 】:Hand-held or Hanging, you can take it to anywhere, or just hook on a...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Campingaz Camp Bistro Gas Stove - Blue
841 Reviews
Campingaz Camp Bistro Gas Stove - Blue
  • Automatic piezo ignition
  • Cartridge safety locking system
  • Operates off: CP 250 cartridge, easy to fit and lock in place, can de disconnected even if the...


Drink Water from ANY Source

Lifesaver Bottle 4000UF

Gadgets made to simplify things or make your camping easier are fine, but those designed to save your life when unexpected things happen are of vital importance. The Lifesaver Bottle 4000UF is a prime example.

Camping has never been safer, but you never know how the elements or a combination of unlucky and unforeseen events can turn a leisure adventure in a life-threatening situation.

Heading off without sufficient drinkable water can pose a real problem in an emergency situation.

This ingenious device allows you to take water from any source, regardless of its odour, taste or colour, and filtrate it, making it safe to drink.

The only thing you need to do is fill it up, use the pumping mechanism and drink. The bottle ensures that all dangerous micro-organisms and bacteria are killed.

An Inflatable Tent

The Heimplanet Cave

Let’s admit; no one enjoys putting up the tent – especially on sandy beaches or windy fields, where the whole process can easily get very irritating.

Heimplanet’s innovative inflatable ‘Cave’ is designed for campers who love pitching in a flash. It inflates in less than a minute and saves you all the trouble of piecing together the tent’s frame and not making a fool of yourself.

The only thing you will ever need from now on is a motorised or manual pump!

The Cave can easily accommodate 2-3 persons, while its geodesic construction guarantees excellent stability aside from a snappy set-up.

If the first thing you think about when hearing it’s an inflatable is the danger of a hole or cut, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is made from prime quality polyester with a clever design of several separated chambers. These make sure it will remain stable and functional even if a part gets damaged.

Its roof allows heavy rain to slide-offs easily, without compromising ventilation thought its five closable ventilation points and roomy entrance. Numerous interior storage spaces (even below the roof!) will cater for your camping equipment and clothing.

A Toolkit around your Wrist

The Leatherman Tread

Were you ever in need of tool when on an adventure, on your bike, or when campingl but forgot to pack your kit or simply could not carry them with you?

The new Leatherman wearable toolkit binds together no less than 30 durable tools in a stylish bracelet around your wrist!

Apart from getting the time and date from its precise, Swiss-made timepiece, it helps you carry out all sorts of mending and fixing tools.

Wwater-resistant at depths of 200 metres, with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covering the dial, the bracelet is actually a number of assembled tools, including numerous screwdrivers, hex drives, wrenches, a cutter, a bottle opener, a glass breaker, and a socket-drive adapter!

Hammock Tent

The Tentstile Flite Tent

One of the best outdoor activities while camping is… taking a nap! And the swinging motion of a hammock hanging from a pair of trees is as inviting as it gets. But you can make things even better…

Why not include the whole family in your elevated siesta? The Tentstile Flite Tent is actually an imaginative tent-hammock, attachable to any available tree and promising a serene sleep and insect-free – night or after-lunch sleep under the blue sky or among the stars.

Ultralight, and set-up in less than 10 minutes, the tent is perfectly sized for easy backpacking. It features a sole small ratchet for less weight and allowing it to be set up even in the dense forest.

As for the mosquitos and all other dangerous or just maddening bugs, the full insect-proof mesh top provides all the protection you may need. Also notice that its rain fly can be pegged out to the ground, forming a sheltered porch area, as well as a multi-story camping base.

Sleeping Well Whatever the Weather

The Sea to Summit Spark SPIII

One of the things we often miss when go camping is air-conditioning. Some extra warmth in cold environments or a couple of degrees down in sun-scorched beaches could make our stay out in the wild even more pleasurable.

So, a sleeping bag with the ability to adjust its interior temperature to weather conditions would be a fantastic development!

That was exactly the idea behind the ‘Sea to Summit Spark SPIII’. Made to remain refreshingly cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, the Spark SPIII is very light, and, when packed, it takes as much space as the palm of your hand!

Powerbank Powered by the Sun

Anker Powerport Solar

We had to at least one gadget catering for your modern technology needs. Phones, iPads, watches…they all need juice these days. And a normal battery pack will only go so far.

The Anker Powerport Solar uses solar energy to make sure you are never left under-powered. Charging time is comparable to a 2.4 amp charger in an electrical outlet, when the sun is out.

This hand solar charger is designed to fold flat when not used, making it easy to carry around anywhere you might wish to camp.

More on the best power banks and portable chargers 

Light your Fire the Ancient Way

Sun-Lighter Electronic Lighter

It is not always true that modern technology outsmarts that of our forefathers! Lighting fire the modern way is too much dependent on fuel; if you run out of it, you are in deep trouble.

On the contrary, our clever ancestors used the might of the sun to light things up, and that is exactly what the Sunlighter is designed to do. Thus ensuring the warmth, or even lifesaving strength of the fire will always be in your disposal.

This imaginative little contraption uses a parabolic mirror to focus sunlight so effectively, that fire lighting is a snap.

Stay Clean

The Scrubba Wash Bag

Another sensitive area when we leave home to roam the wild – personal hygiene!

When washing facilities are out of the question, and water may prove scarce, finding a way to clean up your clothes can get tricky. Taking extra clothes is an option but isn’t ideal when backpacking.

The Scrubba Wash Bag solves this. It is a bag packed with little rubber nodules, able to wash up your clothes as effectively as a conventional washing machine, and less than 5 minutes!

Hence, no more excuses to look (or smell!) awful during your wild-camping adventures!

A Zipped Kitchen Set

X-Set 33

Probably the most necessary yet troublesome camping gear is the one associated with cooking and meal preparation.

A durable and practical set of pans and kettles are essential even for a few days camping, but their weight, bulk and clinking sounds can easily cause problems – unless they are made of silicone and can be folded flat!

The X-Set 33 is an ingenious set of kitchen essentials, designed to fit in as little room as possible. Easily meeting the needs of two campers, this versatile cook system, includes an X-Kettle, which can also be used as a small pot and allow for the preparation of an entree, some soup or a warm drink to accompany its main course. It also fits the X-Pot 4.0L and enables you to cook a range of different dishes simultaneously!

A carefully thought combination of silicon, aluminium, and nylon, the whole set weighs a little more than half a kg and scarcely takes up any room in your tent or backpack.

A VERY Portable Stove

The Onja Stove

Camping stoves have been around for decades, but their awful looks, heavy weight and limited reliability has long been an issue for campers wishing to take with them as little gear as possible.

The Onja Stove marks a pleasant surprise. Sleek and foldable, it is fast and easy to set up, light to move around and robust – perfect for campers with a more demanding palate.

Stay Connected…Anywhere!

The Gotenna Mesh

Another serious problem for campers who love to test their limits by venturing areas that are quite remote is the lack of signal and telecommunications.

Gotenna’s Mesh will provide consistent phone signal wherever you may decide to set your tent.

This handy antenna turns your phone into an off-network communication tool, allowing texting, map downloading, or even GPS coordinates sharing with the rest of the world and making sure you are never short of help or vital information, anywhere you may find yourself.

Never Lose your Tent!

The Tent Finder

Ok, this is not something that occurs often, but you never know what might happen when you explore a  trail, and you have lost track of time.

Darkness can easily get you disorienting and spending the night un-sheltered in the woods, or at a festival, is never a good idea. This piece of gear, however simple, can prove invaluable!

It’s an LED light activated by a remote control from as far as 15 metres away, helping you spot your tent from afar, or even discern whether you are moving in the right direction!

Turn Fire into Electricity

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

The idea is pretty simple: by using the type of fuel more easily found while camping, you save yourself money and the risk of exposing yourself without food and warmth several kilometres away from civilisation.

This neat little wood stove is also equipped with a thermo-electric generator, capable of charging almost any USB device!

Allowing you to turn fire into electricity, the BioLite Wood Burning CampStove will generate 3 watts of usable electricity and store it in a specially designed inner power bank every time you use it, thus enabling you to recharge LED lights, mobile phones, and several other devices. Its rechargeable 2600 mAh battery can store excess power and retain it at your disposal, even when the stove is not lit.

A handy Smart LED Dashboard provides the user with real-time feedback on fire strength, power output and fan speed settings, while inner jets circulate air (in four different speed levels) for better combustion and efficiency. A single example would do: you can boil 1 litre of water in less than 5 minutes.

If you worry about portability, you shouldn’t: its light aluminium stands fold up, coupling durability, which is always a “must” for camping gadgets, with portability.

Romantic fire, necessary warmth, cooking and energy autonomy; anything else?

The ideal camping chair

Helinox Camping Rocker Chair

What makes the ideal camping chair? First of all, it has to be as light as possible, easy to transport and move around, ultra-durable and, of course, as comfortable as the ones we have back home.

Designed to get folded up to a small, ultra-lightweight bag, it turns into a cosy chair (or even rocker, when you add rocking feet), just perfect for relaxing under the tree, sunbathing near the sea, or watch birding from the top of a cliff.

Portable Shock-proof, dust-proof and 100% waterproof Bluetooth Speaker!

Fugoo Go

Camping is much more than connecting with nature and finding some quality relaxation time for yourself; it often sets the scene for amazing parties near the beach, the lakefront or up on a mountain slope. And partying means music.

Fugoo’s rugged Bluetooth speakers are optimised for use in adverse, non-urban environments, being extra durable against the elements, sand and dust, having a 40-hour battery autonomy when fully charged, and boasting 100% waterproofness.

They can be easily mounted or fixed anywhere, from a mountain bike to a tree, delivering prime quality sound in a 360-degree mode, be it your favourite dance tracks, an audiobook, or a movie, from any device with a Bluetooth connection.

ULTIMATE Swiss Army Knife


Anyone who has ever gone camping has heard of the famous Swiss army pocket knife….make no mistake; this is far from a can opener!

Victorinox’s Swiss Champ XLT is considered the ultimate pocket knife, packing together 49 different tools and more functions and possibilities one could ever count, thus making sure that wherever you may find yourself and whatever it may happen, you will have the necessary resources to work things out.

Compact and sturdy, it combines the usual small knife blades, a metal and wood saw, numerous screwdrivers, a pharmaceutical spatula, a fish scaler with disgorger, a chisel, an electrician’s blade with wire scraper, a bit wrench and case and much, much more; all these in less than 10 cm length and 250 grammars weight.

A Torch made for Adventures

Binwo LED Torch

A LED torch is probably already part of your camping equipment, but does it rise to over 2000 Lumens? Is it waterproof and made from durable metal casing? Is it optimised for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities?

Last, can it fit your back pocket?

Reflective Rope

Nite Ize

Another bright idea, designed to avert any risk of tripping over your tent’s ropes at night, as well as help you locate it more easily.

Do not laugh it out – some really nasty camping accidents could be avoided if the ropes used by the campers were reflective.

Collapsible Water Bottle


Anything that is collapsible is camping friendly – especially when it meets a need as crucial as water drinking. Lightweight and compact, this soft collapsible bottle is easy to use and move around with you.

Designed to be handled with just one hand with its bite valve, it allows you to sip even while on the move. Constructed with thermoplastic polyurethane for extra durability and flexibility, it is also free from BPA.

All-In-One Coffee Maker

Cafflano Klassic

Coffee for most of us is more of a healthy addiction than a stimulant, and going away in the wilderness is hardly a reason to be deprived of this daily pleasure.

This all in one coffee maker grinds the beans, brews the coffee and provides an all in one solution to getting a great cup of coffee, wherever you may decide to camp. Its Fully adjustable ceramic burr grinder has a patented foldaway handle, needs no scales, and through its patented spout, offers great control over wetting and controlling extraction.

Portable Self-Contained Toilet


There are many people out there that love the idea of camping somewhere in the wild, but reject it simply because of the… toilet issue. Well, we have great news for you!

This portable, lightweight and self-contained toilet has a comfortable contoured seat and an inner splash cover, as well as a toilet paper holder, making use as easy as it gets outside your usual restroom.

Its removable inner bucket makes waste disposal rather fast and simple, and Weighs less than 5 pounds.

So, no excuses left for your girlfriend to follow you into the wild!

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet


If you are one of those bug magnets that mosquitoes, flies and all sorts of insects love to feed on, then camping could turn into a living hell if you do nothing to shield your skin against such fierce attackers, spending your nights (or even days in some cases) waving your arms furiously around you.

No, we are not talking about sprays, lotions or other deterrents of the sort. Just wear one or more of these handy bracelets, and they will keep all mosquitoes away, whatever the weather, all day long.

These 100% natural and non-toxic bug repellents provide 350 hours of protection from insects and are effective and totally safe to use even for toddlers.

Inflatable Solar Lantern


Lanterns are of the essence while camping, but having with you one that is lightweight, compact, and solar-powered provides great autonomy and makes all sorts of recreational activities, cooking etc. easy even during the darkest lights.

Capable of spreading consistent light for up to 12 hours, this inflatable solar lantern needs minimum storage space and features a built-in, high-efficiency solar panel, that can be fully charged in 7 hours under the sun’s rays – and even less id it is hit directly by the sun.

Its 100% waterproof, inflatable and floatable (!) design guarantees efficiency under all weather conditions. Lightweight, inflatable, collapsible.

Ultimate Survival Kit

Gerber Bear Grylls 

Specially designed for people who love to put themselves in tricky situations, the Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit is packed with anything a camping adventurer might possibly need, including flat drivers, tweezers, a hand saw, a survival blanket, a Survival pocket guide, pliers, and a set of advice and directions if you need to be rescued.

Portable Bunk Beds

Cam-o-Bunk XL

Ok, now we have reached the climax of camping comfort: the Cam-O-Bunk portable bunk beds.

The notion behind them is elementary: without good sleep, camping sucks. So, this nice pair of portable beds makes sure you will have the rest your body and mind needs even in the most hostile environments and extreme conditions.

Easy to set up they come in a range of sizes to fit any given tent. Note their innovative, convertible design and side organisers that make the most of your space inside your tent.

We’re know there’s a lot more…and we’ll keep adding to this list.

Please share your comments about new camping gadgets and accessories and we’ll add the best suggestions!

Camping Gadgets Reviewed

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