Stag Parties

A stag party, also commonly referred to as a bachelor party or stag do, is a party held for the groom shortly before he gets married. The idea behind the ritual is that it provides the groom and his friends a chance to have a final celebration together. Typically it is arranged by the groom and best man, although it can involve any number of people – from friends and family members to official party planners – and can also be planned as a surprise.

The format of a stag party will vary significantly, depending on the groom’s interests, the size of the group and the time of year. Where previously the trend was to just have a stag night, a stag party now typically spans a weekend or more, and rather than revolving around a night out, it also incorporates a number of outdoor/day activities.Combining daytime and evening activities allows the group to get the best of both worlds.

Although some grooms may choose to head abroad, UK-based stag parties have become increasingly popular thanks to the huge choice of destinations and activities on offer. Daytime activities provide the perfect platform for individuals within the group to get to know each other if they don’t already, not to mention the stories and photos that can then be shared with a wider audience at the wedding itself.

Organising a stag do?

Take a look at some of our top tips below to help you plan the perfect party and then take your pick from what kind of activity will best suit your group. Already got it sussed?

Then head over to the activities page and start putting together your action-packed weekend by finding out what’s available near you.

Choose your format

How many days will the stag party span, and will there be a mix of day and evening activities? If so, it makes sense to avoid planning a big night out before an early start the following day.

When choosing the activity, it’s worth taking into account the interests of the groom, and the ages, physical abilities and numbers of the group. Although it might be tempting to invite every friend and far-flung family member of the groom, it’s a good idea to keep numbers under control from the outset. Large stag groups complicate planning, costs and bookings, and reduces the ability to make sure everyone feels included.

Plan ahead, set your budget and then stick to it.

Planning a stag party always takes a lot longer than you think, so there is absolutely no harm in starting early – even if it’s just investigating prices and ideas. By nature, they can also be expensive and may require time off work – whether that is to travel to a destination, to do the activities themselves, or to sleep off the hangover. Either way, you will need to notify everyone in advance and be flexible with dates. Ultimately, it’s unlikely you’ll find a date and time that absolutely everyone is free, but planning ahead will go a long way in solving this issue.

Once you have set a date, ensure that you don’t price anyone out of attending by keeping costs down where possible. No doubt the groom would rather have his nearest and dearest in attendance than to drink champagne in the back of a limousine with just a couple of friends. This includes keeping your accomodation simple.

People would prefer to spend extra money on a great activity than outlaying a fortune on a swish hotel. With so much going on, the chances are that you’ll hardly spend much time in the room anyway. Again, make sure you book early and book together.

Pick your destination

Once you’ve got your date and a target budget, it’s time to settle on location. If you’ve got a specific activity in mind, then your location may be driven by this.

In Britain the most popular stag cities in terms of facilities and activities are London, Newcastle, Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham and Bournemouth. However, there are hundreds more, each with their own activities and attractions.

Have a concrete plan

Once you’ve chosen your format, budget, destination and activity, you’ll have a solid structure to your weekend. Around this you will also need to consider food and drink, transport and any filler activities.

The bigger your party, the more crucial this will be – as trying to get a walk-in table for 20 people just isn’t going to happen.

Bring the group together

The stag party may involve childhood friends, relatives, colleagues – the works. Introductions should be made early on to avoid any cliques or subgroups forming. Choosing the activity for the day will also help with this. Humans are innately competitive creatures, so anything that creates a team spirit will help to facilitate this.

A stag party is also easily bonded over the groom. Some people love to humiliate and tease the groom at the stag; just be aware of when to call it a day – because one day in the future, he could be in charge of planning yours!

In summary – do your research, plan ahead and get everyone involved and you can’t go wrong.

So get planning, get excited, and don’t forget to pack a camera!

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at some of our recommended activities below to get the ball rolling.


Planning a summer stag? Why not get the group into or onto the water with one of the following activities. Not only will watersports give you all a chance to cool off, but it will transform your average stag do into something far more exciting.

Surfing & Bodyboarding: If your group are heading to the coast for the stag party, why not head out into the waves and get a group surf lesson?
Raft Building: A great laugh, perfect for getting to know the group and a healthy dose of competition
Inflatable Tyre Rides: Want to get the adrenaline pumping? There’s no better way than zooming along at speed behind a boat and watching each other go flying into the water.

Team Activities for Groups of Any Size

In many stag parties, group members may not know one other. In this case, choosing an activity that involves smaller teams will be the perfect way for individuals to get to know each other and bond through competition.

Paintballing: Games can last anywhere from one minute to an entire day in realistic battlegrounds and dramatic scenarios, and a real plus is that there are indoor and outdoor options – meaning it can be played all year round.
Laser Combat: Another military-style activity that works well with teams of any number. An added bonus is that there is no need to wear a mask, allowing young children to participate.
Go Karting: Teams race around a set course, either in a time trial or relay race, acting out their F1 fantasies as they battle for the winner’s trophy.


Regardless of age, male groups will usually be thrill-seekers. What better way to separate the boys from the men than getting the party involved in an activity that will leave you all on an adrenaline high?

Skydiving: Want a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your stag do? Look no further. What could possibly compete with jumping out of a plane with your closest friends and family members.
Off Road Buggies: Race through demanding terrain in buggies that come fitted with a roll cage and harness. See who comes out on top in a time trial or relay race, and decide the losers’ forfeits accordingly!
Quad Racing: A similar idea to off road buggies, quad biking around a dirt track or through the woods is a great way to get competitive with friends.
Theme parks: A great activity that works for any group size, a range of ages and can accommodate last minute changes without any cost penalties.


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