Sometimes just hanging out doesn’t cut the mustard and you and your friends want to do something a little different or a bit more exciting. Or maybe you’ve got a school group and you’re looking for an end of term activity. Whoever you are, and whatever your reason, there is a group activity out there for you. The UK is brimming with venues and locations offering a whole host of activities suited to teams and groups of any age, athletic ability and daredevil spirit.

Whether you want to take to the water, the skies or anything in between, we’re here to help find the perfect activity for your group. Take a look at some of our tips below to help get your plan underway, then find some activity inspiration further down.

Take a look at some of our tips below to help get your plan underway, then find some activity inspiration further down:

  • How many of there are you?

This is the first thing to consider before you do any other planning or research. Even though you may need to finalise exact numbers closer to the time, you need to establish whether there will be five or 50 of you, as some activities or venues won’t always be able to accommodate such large groups. However, that’s not to say that you’ll need to rule them out, it may just involved additional planning or splitting up into teams.

  • Are you all of a similar athletic ability?

It’s not like you’re signing up to run a marathon together (not yet at least) but it’s still worth checking that everyone can swim, climb or run around – depending on what your activity involves – without any issues or injuries. To get the most out of your day, make sure that either everyone is on the same level, or that the activity is tailored for the least athletic within the group. That way, no one will get left out or left behind.

  • What’s your budget?

If you’re planning on behalf of a big group, it’s worth getting an idea of how much everyone is prepared to contribute. Organised activities such as dragon boating, paintball or high-ropes courses are great for groups of children because they usually come with more structure and a professional to assist in the running, but as a result may come with a bigger price tag.



We’ve pulled together some activities to help kick-start your search.

  • Out on (or in) the water

These activities are perfect for whiling away the summer days, cooling off and getting a little wet. Some require a bit of training or skill, others just involve holding on for dear life!

Dinghy sailing: Perfect for beginners, these open boats are suitable for day sailing, either inland or on the open sea, typically holding up to four people.
Inflatable tyre ride: This one is better suited to small groups, due to the limited numbers that can be pulled behind a speedboat at any one time. Having said this, you can split into smaller groups and watch as others go flying.
Kayaking: Whether it’s paddling down the Thames, across a peaceful reservoir in the countryside or taking on the waves, there are plenty of opportunities for groups of any size.
Scuba diving: Because sometimes you need to know what lies below the surface… This one is great for small groups looking to do something a bit different, but will involve PADI training before you can take the plunge.

  • A test of strength

Challenge yourself and each other with these activities to separate the boys from the men and see who comes out on top.

Rock climbing: This requires concentration, a bit of skill and good upper body strength as you climb rocks or mountains using a harness and ropes or wires. If you’re not ready to scale a cliff face then why not give indoor rock climbing a go?
Ice climbing: Depending on what time of year you want to go, there are plenty of locations where you can try scaling natural or artificial ice formations such as frozen waterfalls or ice walls.
Cliff jumping: This one is more a test of mental strength than anything as you gear yourself up to take the leap into the sea below. Always jump in an approved area, as you never know what rocks lie beneath the waves.

  • Teamwork

Activities involving teamwork are perfect for new groups that are getting to know each other, team bonding or start of year school groups.

High-ropes course: A course of ropes and platforms suspended in the trees that not only encourages team bonding but can be scaled up or down to accommodate any number of people and is suitable for nearly all ages and fitness levels.
Jacob’s ladder: The ultimate test of teamwork, this activity involves small teams trying to get to the top of a high ropes ladder of horizontally-suspended logs. The higher you go, the further apart the rungs get, and the more you will be tested.
Human table football: In this giant version of the popular pub game players are attached by Velcro to bars that slide side-to-side across an inflatable pitch and communication is key to success.

  • Competition and showdown

On the other side of the coin of teamwork is fighting competitive spirit. If you’re a small group you can pitch yourselves against another existing team, and if you’re a larger group then why not divide yourself up and battle each other in the ultimate showdown?

Dragon boating: This fast and furious team activity involves small groups paddling to the beat of a drum in long, narrow boats. Be prepared to pull hard and get a little wet.
Laser combat: Teams shoot at each other’s wearable targets using laser guns in the ultimate showdown. There are a number of indoor and outdoor venues so this game can be played all year round and the best part is there are no paintballs, which means no bruises!
 Geocaching: A modern twist on orienteering that feels a bit like a treasure hunt. Divide into teams and race to find the item or container using GPS and coordinates provided online.
Go karting: Get into teams and race relay-style around a set course or track as you channel your inner Schumacher and battle for a place on the podium.


Still got questions? Get in touch.

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