Do you consider yourself a thrill-seeker? Do you thrive on the rush of adrenaline involved in doing something scary? Well, you’ve come to the right place – this category is designed just for you.

Some people like to spend their weekends hiking, swimming, horse riding and alike. But you want something that will get your blood pumping and heart racing – whether that’s ice climbing, cave diving, zap cats, wing walking, bungee jumping or traversing a gorge, we’ve got you covered.

So get ready to laugh, scream, cheer and generally have your breath taken away, because we’ve pulled together some top tips and activity suggestions. Get planning today!

  • What level of ‘extreme’ can you handle?

There’s a big difference between wanting to feel the wind in your hair – think kite surfing or water skiing – versus being battered by the wind as you skydive 10,000 feet out of a plane. There is no saying which is the best choice, just choose what’s right for you as there are plenty of options for all ages and abilities.

  • Who are you going with?

You might be the ultimate thrill-seeker but if you’re taking a partner, friend or family member – you will need to check that you’re both on the same page. Don’t promise your family a relaxing day out then pull up to a zombie apocalypse venue, it might not go down too well…

  • What’s your budget?

Typically the more extreme the activity, the more it will set you back. This is because they usually involve some degree of training, advanced equipment and injury insurance. If you’re looking for something a bit more budget friendly, kite boarding and other ground-based activities may be a good bet.

  • Figure out what’s on offer near you.

On the whole, extreme activities need more space, so it’s unlikely you’ll find too many of them in the city. Skydiving, paragliding, drifting and monster truck driving all need wide open spaces, and water sports will be lake or sea-based. However, most venues and destinations are easily accessible by car, but if there is a big group of you going then it will be worth bearing in mind that you may need to rent a vehicle where public transport isn’t an option.

Now all that’s left to do is take a deep breath, hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride.



So now for the fun part. What kind of activity are you going to take on? We’ve pulled together some suggestions below, grouped by theme.

  • Going wheelie fast.

Consider yourself a bit of a boy (or girl) racer? Well get those wheels spinning and try out one of these activities.

Drifting experience: You can choose to be the passenger or get behind the wheel yourself as the car is manoeuvred through corners at speeds and angles that defy physics.
Military vehicle driving: After a quick tutorial and some background or history you can put yourself in the driving seat of a range of military vehicles, as you test your skills on specially designed off-road courses.
Monster truck driving: Climb up the ladder and into the cab of one of these giant vehicles as you charge around mud tracks and roll straight over the top of crushed cars.
Quad racing: Similar to motorbikes but with more stability, you can climb aboard and race your friends or the clock around giant dirt tracks.

  • Flying high.

These are for the limited few that simply don’t feel fear. If you’re happy to leave the safety of solid ground then why not try one of these on for size?

Skydiving: Take the plane ride up to 10,000 feet (or higher) and then get ready to take the plunge. Totally exhilarating and undoubtedly the best view of the UK you’ll ever get.
Wing walking: This will be one that you can tell your friends, family and grandchildren about for years to come. A true ‘extreme’ experience, it involves being strapped to a stand attached to the top of a bi-plane’s wings as it performs various aerial manoeuvres.
Acrobatic flying: Fly up, down and all around as you perform loop-the-loops, barrel rolls and tailspins. Feel the G-force on your body and get ready for that stomach lurching feeling.

  • Splashing around.

The rivers, lakes and seas of the UK are often overlooked when it comes to extreme sports. So why not try out one of the below, especially if it’s summer and you need a chance to cool off!

Water skiing: Try out your skills on a cable tow or behind a boat on a lake or reservoir or, if it’s calm enough, even the sea.
Kitesurfing: The perfect compromise if you can’t decide between a land or sea based activity as it combines elements of both. You’ll find yourself soaring through the air whilst also enjoying time out on the water.
Zapcats: These lightweight, inflatable catamarans with large outboard engines, will have you zooming around and screaming your head off. Grab a partner and get ready to race.
River bugging: A bit like white water rafting but instead individuals navigate a given stretch of river in their very own inflatable craft.

  • Something a little different.

Extreme activities can be a mix of mental and physical challenges, indoor or outdoor, involving just you or a whole team of people. So try thinking outside the box and sign yourself up for one of these activities:

Zombie apocalypse: Test your mental grit as you experience the end of the world and try to battle or outrun the living dead.
Zorbing: Run, roll and bounce your way around the course in giant inflatable balls on your own or in two-person zorbs.
Gnat shooting: Test your skill and accuracy as you attempt to shoot down a remote control plane with real shotguns. If it’s your first time, the speed of the remote plane can be reduced to increase your chances of a takedown.
Ice climbing: Not something you’d immediately think of as an option in the UK, but there are plenty of locations where you can try scaling natural or artificial ice formations such as frozen waterfalls or ice walls. Grab your ice axes or picks and don’t forget to wrap up warm.

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