Unfortunately we don’t all have the time or money to go on the round-the-world adventures that we see on TV, but that’s not to say that there aren’t mountains to climb, rivers to cross or oceans to sail.

We are lucky to live in a country with diverse landscapes that are waiting to be explored all year round. Whether you want mountainous heights, big bodies of water or expansive grassy plains, there really is something for everyone. From horse riding to hydrospeeding, mountaineering to motor cross, or tank driving to treasure hunts – you don’t need to leave the country to get your thrills.

So get ready to experience an adventure that even Frodo Baggins would be proud of and enjoy the best of the outdoors the UK has to offer!

The hardest part of the adventure is getting started but we’ve got some top tips and activity suggestions to get you started.

  • Do you want to use your brain or your muscles?

Not all adventures involve speeding across the landscape in vehicles or scaling a cliff face. Why not test your mental skills with orienteering, geocaching or navigating canals on a longboat.

  • Are you ready for the rush?

If you want something a little bit more high octane, opt for something that involves heights or high speeds – it could be anything from paragliding to skiing.

  • What’s the average age in your group?

If you’re taking on an activity as a group or team, it’s worth noting beforehand what everyone’s interests and athletic abilities are and trying to choose something that suits everyone. This way, people will feel more involved and enjoy the activity as much as possible.

  • Will the sun be shining?

As with most activities, the weather will play a key part in influencing your choice of adventure. In the summer months you pretty much have your pick of anything and everything including all water-based and outdoor activities. In winter it’s worth bearing in mind that aiming and firing your paintball gun might be a bit trickier after a few hours out in the cold.


You are in the middle of a giant natural playground offering endless fun outdoor activities, so pack your bags and get going!

  • Get the cogs turning.

Sometimes the best part of an adventure is finding the checkpoints, lookouts and finish line by yourself. Try out one of these activities to get both your brain and feet in gear and explore the local landscape in a new way.

Orienteering: Go alone or in a team and navigate your way from point to point on foot using a compass and a specially drawn orienteering map. Make your way around a series of controls and race the clock to see how you fare.
Geocaching: A little bit like orienteering but with a modern twist. This is more of a modern treasure hunt, where an item or container holding a number of items, is hidden at a particular location and can only be found using GPS and coordinates provided online. It’s a great team-bonding exercise too as it needs planning and communication.
Bushcraft course: Learn the key skills you’d need to survive in the wilderness including identifying edible plants, starting a fire, building a shelter and keeping warm.

  • Adventures in the air

If you’re ready to see the world from above then why not try out one of these. Soar like a bird and see the UK like you’ve never seen it before.

Motor gliding: This fixed-wing aircraft can be flown with or without engine power but allows passengers to experience longer sustained flight than in other gliding craft.
Paragliding: Run or leap off the side of a hill or mountain and then enjoy the relaxing ride over the city or natural landscape below.
Vintage plane flight: Climb aboard an old set of wings and experience a trip of pure nostalgia. Many of them will even provide a hands-on experience part way through your trip!
Parasailing: The same sort of relaxing trip as paragliding, but the difference is that your parachute (and you) are being towed behind a vehicle of some sort, typically a boat. This one is a great summer option because you can go for a plunge afterwards.

  • Got a taste for heights?

If getting up high doesn’t leave your knees feeling weak, then take your adventure to the next level and try out one of these activities.

Tyrolean traverse: In this activity you use an aerial runway or rope bridge to cross a gorge. Our advice? Don’t look down!
High ropes course: Test your skills and team communication far above the ground, and see if you can overcome your fears.
Ziplining: Clip yourself into a harness and whizz down a metal cable, soaring over the treetops or fields below. Most of the time zip wires and high ropes courses will be combined, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

  • Take to the water

Need to cool off? Want to get your feet off solid ground? Then start your river or sea adventure.

Rafting: Get a group together and take on the white water rapids as you surf your way downstream in an inflatable boat. Just try not to fall out!
River bugs: This is another type of whitewater sport where a single person navigates a given stretch of river in their own inflatable craft.
Sailing school: Don your sailor’s hat and call yourself Popeye, because after a day at sea, learning how to tack, gybe and tie ropes, you’re going to feel like a professional.
Yacht charter: Enjoy a more laid back approach to sailing, where you get some hands on experience but can also just relax on deck and take in your surroundings at sea.

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