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Yacht Charter and Racing

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Yacht Charter and Racing

Explore where you choose, on-board your very own yacht. On a yacht charter, sailors can plan their own itinerary and sail at their own pace.

Sailing qualifications are required for sailing a similar type of yacht to that being used with experience of the kind of conditions you might expect to find on your trip. Skippered yacht charter is also available.

Yacht racing offers the chance to compete against other yachts, often using a matched fleet, to see who are the best sailors!


  • Chance to sail across the oceans
  • Your home comes with you
  • Exhilarating racing
  • Passionate yachting community


  • Sea sickness
  • Isn’t cheap

Training & Qualifications

Yacht sailing in the UK is overseen by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), with accredited centres offering nationally and internationally-recognised sailing and maritime courses.

Courses follow a structured format and include Competent Crew practical, Day Skipper shore-based and practical, Costal Skipper and Yachtsmaster.


Most sailing schools provide the yacht, equipment and waterproof clothing included in the price of your tuition.

Boat ownership can be expensive once mooring fees, maintenance, fuel and depreciation are factored in; however for some a yacht is a way of life.

Yacht racing requires more advanced boats and a different skill-set to cruising.

All Yacht Charter and Racing Providers

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Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre
235a Westferry Road
Isle of Dogs, London
DISTANCE: 4.16 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Powerboating, Navigation Courses, Dragon Boat Racing, Yacht...
Sailing Logic
Mercers Country Park Nutfield Marsh Road Nutfield
Redhill, Surrey
DISTANCE: 17.99 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Skippered Yacht Charter, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Datchet Watersports
Queen Mother Reservoir Horton Road Horton
Slough, Buckinghamshire
DISTANCE: 18.08 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Powerboating, Sailing Schools, Skippered Yacht Charter, Windsurfing, Yacht Charter and Racing,...
Elite Sailing
Chatham Maritime Marina Leviathan Way
Chatham, Kent
DISTANCE: 28.91 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Lagoon Watersports
Kingsway Hove Lagoon
Hove, East Sussex
DISTANCE: 47.20 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Canoeing, Dinghy Sailing, Kayaking, Keelboat Sailing, Powerboating, Raft Building, Skippered Yacht...
Four Winds Wade Lane
Rowlands Castle, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 58.99 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Commodore Yachting
Gosport Marina Mumby Road
Gosport, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 65.60 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Skippered Yacht Charter, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Hamble School of Yachting
Mercury Yacht Harbour Satchell Lane Hamble
Southampton, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 68.02 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Powerboating, Sailing Schools, Yacht Charter and Racing...
East Anglian Sea School
Suffolk Yacht Harbour Levington
Ipswich, Suffolk
DISTANCE: 68.23 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Dinghy Sailing, Powerboating, Sailing Schools, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Hobo Yachting
20 Queenstown Road
Southampton, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 70.01 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Ocean Adventures
32 Mill Road
Southampton, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 70.52 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Skippered Yacht Charter, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Lymington Town Sailing Club
Bath House Bath Road Lymington
Lymington, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 80.41 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Dinghy Sailing, Yacht Charter and Racing, Sailing Schools, Keelboat Sailing...
Carsington Sailing School Club
Carsington Water
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
DISTANCE: 124.86 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Yacht Charter and Racing, Sailing Schools...
Plain Sailing
Brixham Marina
Brixham, Devon
DISTANCE: 166.27 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Sailing Schools, Yacht Charter and Racing...
Cardigan Bay Watersports
Paragon House Wellington Place
New Quay, Dyfed
DISTANCE: 187.33 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Yacht Charter and Racing, Kayaking, Powerboating, Sailing Schools, Windsurfing...

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