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Microlighting is the most lightweight way to fly with an engine (apart from motor hang gliding). A microlight is an aeroplane with no more than two seats which offers an easy way to fly in relative comfort.

An average 2000ft flying height and maximum speed of 60mph provides great views of the surrounding countryside. The instructor will handle the take off and climb but there may be the opportunity to perform basic flight manoeuvres such as turning, climbing and descending.


  • Can operate from any suitable grass field
  • Two-seater
  • Economical to operate
  • Stored in a garage


  • Cold in winter
  • Weather dependent

Training & Qualifications

A Private Pilot’s License (PPL) is required to fly a microlight in the UK. To remain valid a polot must fly at least five hours every 13 months. A medical is also required although this is not as rigorous as that required to fly light aircraft.


A microlight is a simple light-weight airplane which can carry a maximum of two people and take off and land in a very short space (usually less than 100m). You will requiior and insulated flying suit, helmet with intercom and warm clothing.

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Medway Microlights
Burrows Lane Middle Stoke
Rochester, Kent
DISTANCE: 32.65 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Microlighting...
Sackville Flying Club
Sackville Lodge Farm RISELEY
Bedford, Bedfordshire
DISTANCE: 54.14 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Vintage Plane Flight, Gliding, Microlighting, Flying Lesson...
GS Aviation
Clench Common Airfield Clench Common
Marlborough, Wiltshire
DISTANCE: 70.42 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Flying Lesson, Microlighting, Gyroplane Flight...
Airways Airsports
Airways Airsports Darley Moor
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
DISTANCE: 122.15 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Paragliding, Microlighting, Paramotoring, Motor Hang Gliding, Hang Gliding...
Northern Microlight School
2 Ashlea Cottage St Michaels Road Bilsborrow
Preston, Lancashire
DISTANCE: 196.26 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Microlighting...
East of Scotland Microlights
East Fortune Airfield
North Berwick, East Lothian
DISTANCE: 327.83 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Microlighting...
Microlight Scotland
Strathaven Airfield
Strathaven, Lanarkshire
DISTANCE: 331.30 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Microlighting...
Sportflight Scotland
Strathaven Airfield
Strathaven, Lanarkshire
DISTANCE: 331.30 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Flying Lesson, Microlighting...

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