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Land Yachting

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Land Yachting

Land Yachting uses 3-wheeled vehicles attached to a sail which can reach speeds in excess of 40mph. The rider sits or lays down, close to the ground, using feet to control the front wheel for steering and hands to control the sail.

Land Yachts can travel at between 2 and 3 times the speed of the wind yet can be propelled by winds of less than 10mph.


  • Easy to learn
  • Power is free
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Wind and weather dependant
  • Need empty spaces to sail in safety

Training & Qualifications

Training is offered at BFSLYC registered training centres. There are three levels required before qualifying as a pilot.

Level One – Safety rules and basic practical sailing

Level Two – Rigging a yacht, pre-sailing safety checks and a wide range of sailing skills

Level Three – Sail competently and safely. Understand racing rules.

Pilot’s License – A written theory test is followed by a practical test. Once licenced you are opermitted to race.


Clubs and training schools provide yachts, goggles and helmets. Students often progress to purchase their own yacht. Common types includes class 3, class 5, leisure yachts and parakarts.

All Land Yachting Providers

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Kent Land Yachts
10 Lyndhurst
Romney Marsh, Kent
DISTANCE: 58.58 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Land Yachting...
Gower Kite Riders
11 Clifton Terrace The Mumbles
Swansea, West Glamorgan
DISTANCE: 166.25 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Land Yachting, Kite Buggies...
Zenith Leisure Outdoor Adventure
Station Road Unit 35, Terry Dicken Ind. Est
Stokesley, North Yorkshire
DISTANCE: 208.60 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Abseiling, Archery, Beach Games, Blind Trail, Bouldering, Bushcraft Course, Canoeing, Caving,...
Windsport International
Mylor Harbour
Falmouth, Cornwall
DISTANCE: 235.38 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Canoeing, Catamaran Sailing, Dinghy Sailing, Kayaking, Land Yachting, Powerboating, Windsurfing...
Speedsail UK
Chy an Brea Castle Gate Ludgvan
Penzance, Cornwall
DISTANCE: 253.24 Miles
ACTIVITIES: Land Yachting, Kiting, ZapCats...
Blown Away Land Yachting
The Horse Mill Toft House Almondbank
Perth, Perthshire
DISTANCE: 365.38 Miles
ACTIVITIES: ZapCats, Kayaking, Land Yachting...

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